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Those of you who support Trump and still consider yourselves to be patriotic have a duty to carefully consider the evidence at hand on what is going on in the party.

First, of all, you need to carefully think about why up to 12 Million Democrats temporarily crossed over to support Trump during the primaries. And you have to consider why a hostile press supported Trump with free airtime during this time period.

Note that similar events took place in previous elections with disastrous results.

Second, you also have a duty to thoughtfully reflect on the fact that most polls and analysis shown Trump losing in an electoral bloodbath.

Again, in recent presidential elections the polls and analysis indicated a certain result and that was borne out in the election.

Third, There is also the very strange case of a presidential candidate taking action against his own interests, making unforced errors such as the attacks on the judge in the Trump U fraud case or espousing policy positions directly opposite to Conservative principles e.g. raising taxes and denigrating the 2nd amendment.

These events should be bothersome to all of those who support Trump and yet many do not care.
One can debate certain parts of these events, but it is reckless to dismiss them in their entirety.

These are very dangerous aspects that should serve as a big flashing WARNING sign to Trump supporters – if they were interested in winning. And yet some supporters dismiss these items without a second thought – Why?

Ask yourself these questions:

Why would the Democrats desperately want Trump to be the nominee?

Why are some Trump supporters not bothered the polling and analysis that shows him losing in an electoral disaster of epic proportions?

Why are some Trump supporters not alarmed by his actions that sabotage his own campaign?

The purpose of this open letter is to plead with those who support Trump to consider the evidence at hand and help avoid setting a temporary mistake in stone that very well could be the grave marker for the party.. and the nation as constituted.

This is specifically directed at those who in the past have championed the Conservative cause: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Matt Drudge… Like many others, I had been a loyal fan and listener to your programs and books over the years. So you people above all others need to consider the evidence in front of you and make the right decision.

The evidence I have presented should be the impetus for you to reconsider your support for Trump.

To be blunt about it: There is no rational point to supporting a candidate who will lose and take down the rest of the party with him. As previously stated, there are some in the Trump movement who are immune to facts and reality. Thus, there is only one logical conclusion for their actions and that is to have him lose and help Comrade Clinton win.

But those of you who can process this evidence with a clear mind should be able to make this determination on your own.

Those of you in the formerly Conservative media can find redemption in what you do now. You along with every other true patriots in the Trump camp should be taking the following steps:

1. Seriously consider the evidence at hand and reconsider your support for Trump.

2. Be mindful of the distinct possibility of a down ballot apocalypse IF Trumps remains on the ticket.

[And no, it does not matter that this means we will lose – at least with Trump OFF the ticket we have a chance to win and a good chance to keep control of Congress]

4. Implore Trump to drop out of this farce and let someone qualified take over in his stead.

5. At a minimum you have to encourage and support those who want to #FreetheDelegates and #DumpTrump and let the people decide with the current facts as they stand.

Bottom line: You have to do everything in your power to reverse the horrendous circumstance of Trump nomination and lose in the general election.

I cannot make any guarantees as to how history will judge you, but I can assure that you will not be lauded if you stay on your current path.

You are at a crossroads, stay with Trump down the dark path and you will be marching off to oblivion. Turn against this destination of doom and help save the party and the country and you may be able to continue as you have in the past. Because if he is nominated your fate will be tied to his and those who cannot dwell in reality or worse yet, those who want a Trump disaster.

It is your choice.

It will not be easy, but doing the right thing never is.

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