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It can be used for good or evil. And you don’t want to get any on you. After events like the Brexit and the rise of Trump you would think that the Radical Left might take a moment for introspection to ponder why their philosophies would be soundly rejected. HA HA – of course not! I didn’t think it possible, but they actually seem to have become even more sneering and condescending. I got a good taste on Sunday morning when I looked at their opinion page and found a few gems, some related to the Brexit, some not, but first one of their daily e-mail blasts we got a few tastes:

Matt Bearak informed us that The world’s losers are revolting, and Brexit is only the beginning. He doesn’t wait long, showing an ignorance of history and current events in the first sentence!

The world has enjoyed an unprecedented run of peace, prosperity and cooperation the last 25 years, but now that might be over. At least when it comes to those last two.

Next, Emily Badger decides to badger us that Brexit is a reminder some things shouldn’t be decided by referendum, listing the many horrible things that will happen and how people are just too stupid to make choices for themselves. Her well researched points include a survey showing millions of Brits petitioning for a 2nd referendum. Forget that it was fake – the Radical Left never lets facts or reality interfere with their beliefs!

And as an unrelated exit bit of stupidity, Karen DeYoung and Adam Goldman huff that “Benghazi committee ‘squandered millions of taxpayer dollars,’ Democrats say.” Alternate headline: Clinton’s withholding of evidence and failure to provide full confession into criminal activity costs taxpayers millions.

What initially inspired this post was from the Outlook (Editorial) section of the Post’s June 26 edition. It’s theme for the week, featuring an anguished drawing and blaring title “HURT  PEOPLE” told us it would deal with people feeling pain.

The first post on the page, “A cultural and political history of ‘white trash’ America” looked to be as sneering and condescending as its title promised. The article turned out to be a book review and was surprisingly interesting and nonpartisan, until one of the final paragraphs when the author couldn’t resist taking a few cheap shots at Trump supporters, concluding with the line, “Trump, if nothing else, knows how to play that fiddle”

The second post Lib-splains how personal suffering has led to our empathy-free 2016 election. This is one of your typically overlong, droning Post articles with your perfunctory shots at Trump, praise for that noxious race baiter Ta-Neisi Coates, and plenty of blather. The only part I’ll quote is that great line that is “Exhibit A)” for how overeducation actually makes you dumber: “Liberals and socialists have been wondering for a hundred years why people in economic distress do not vote according to their economic interests.”

The third article, “White Hostility has derailed black progress for two centuries” starts off strong, being kind enough to open with the words that warn against reading any further, “The virulent backlash against President Obama’s 2008 election set the campaign for this year’s presidential campaign, in which Muslims, Mexicans, and other marginalized groups have been explicitly maligned.” Maybe nimrods like this proclaiming themselves leaders in the black community have more to do with derailed progress than imagined grievances? And yes, I generally like to read opposing views to get a different perspective, but sometimes you can quickly tell that reading some posts are worse than a wast of your time – like “Hurt People”.

And as an added bonus, we get a lecture on “5 myths about sharia”. It reads exactly as you’d expect, and I’ll save you the trouble and just give you a link that takes it apart point by point.

All of this paints a very disturbing look at how the Radicals that control the media, our entertainment industry, and the philosophies behind one of our major political parties. One would wonder why they continue to ignore damning evidence and bitterly cling to their beliefs. As I pointed out a few months back,

They do not understand our arguments because they are incapable of understanding our arguments.

If you want a full explanation you’ll have to go back and read all of my five part “the  Mind of the Leftist” series. And if this seems like an odd post for the day of our nation’s greatest holiday, well to be honest I had a bigger post in mind that I’ve been stitching together for a while, but starting the week with a bout of pinkeye and ending it with a raging summer cold forced me to write a simpler piece. At a time where the current news cycle has physical attacks by an enemy our cowardly ruling class can’t even acknowledge, a treasonous criminal likely to be our next president, and many other pieces of bad news let me leave you with one note of hope:

As the many examples cited here show, the greatest enemies that our nation faces are also incredibly stupid. Now if we could just figure out how to exploit this stupidity to crush them…

Happy Independence Day, everybody.

And stay stupid, my Leftist friends.

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