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Identity is an essential part of being human and is made up of your race, your nation and your culture. It is entirely natural to feel proud about your identity and preservation of identity, territory and culture is a basic human right for all people. As the West continues to change at an unprecedented pace due to mass immigration, this human right is being violated on a criminal scale.

Multiculturalism, that curiously monocultural and pernicious social experiment only the West feels obliged to conduct, is making something abundantly clear. Identity, territory and culture matter to every race – except one: The indigenous peoples of Western civilization.

For the last sixty years, the political elites of the West have subjected their people to a barrage of multicultural propaganda to justify mass immigration. They insisted race is merely a social construct. All people are equal, all cultures are equal and uncontrolled mass immigration will bring a welcome diversity and enrichment. Hordes of third world immigrants must be welcomed into the West and their cultures and traditions respected and tolerated.

Opposition to multiculturalism and its transformation of Western nations would be crushed through the imposition of Orwellian race laws. If Westerners dared to object to the invasion of their territories and the dilution of their cultures, they would be demonized as racists and criminalized. One can’t help but wonder how many tribes in the third world criminalize those who want to preserve their unique tribal identities and cultures. And can you even imagine Islamic Saudi Arabia behaving in the same self-destructive manner?

The objective of this sly, emotionally-manipulative propaganda backed-up by the might of the law is to force the people to discard their rational, critical powers of thinking so they meekly surrender their territory, dilute their culture and disavow their identity. Instead of loyalty to their nation and people, they must place their trust in a future rainbow utopia where all “global citizens” will live in peace, cheerfully joining hands and singing “kumbaya” irrespective of their national identity, race or creed. Given only the West is imposing multiculturalism, one wonders how on earth this fanciful promise of a kaleidoscopic global future can possibly be achieved.

There’s always the threat of future Armageddon if you refuse to fall in line and obey the multicult cleritocracy. Organized religions have deployed this fear weapon throughout the centuries to frighten people into obedience under threat of cruel punishments from a capricious, vengeful deity. For centuries, pious clerics painted a vivid, shocking picture of what terrible fates awaited you in the afterlife as punishment for your “sins”.

In the 21st century, the Godless multicult cleritocracy deploy the same fear tactic in the same way. If the people of the West refuse to believe in them and their grandiose globalist project, the consequences will be catastrophic. For example, the United Kingdom is about to hold a referendum to determine if it remains in the global governance entity the European Union. Should the British people have the temerity to vote to leave it, they are being warned it will lead to economic meltdown and that Europe will descend into war.

Conveniently ignored is the fact this experiment in abolishing nation states to pursue global governance has already caused both economic chaos and unnecessary wars. Witness the catastrophic credit crunch crisis of 2008, a crisis Greece, Spain and Portugal still haven’t recovered from and the disastrous war in the former Yugoslavia. Then there’s the murderous Islamic terror attacks which hit Madrid, London, Paris and Brussels and the rape epidemic committed by Muslims in Great Britain, Germany and Scandinavia.

These events have inflicted misery and suffering upon millions of people yet mass immigration and the push for global governance continues regardless. This reveals the uncaring attitude the elites have towards their own people because the victims are expendable. Nothing more than acceptable collateral damage whose insignificant lives can be sacrificed on the rainbow altar.

Both the United Nations and the European Union are working to eradicate European national identities. The first step is to brainwash the various European peoples – British, French, Italians, Germans, Spanish and so on – to adopt a faux “European” identity. One of the memes promoted by the Remain campaigners in Britain is to assert voting leave is a rejection of Europe based on xenophobia. However, the European Union is not Europe but making this association is a deceptive attempt to show they are both inextricably linked which they most certainly aren’t.

Under guidance from the United Nations and the European Union, schools and universities throughout Europe are gradually becoming like the re-education/correction centers of the USSR and Red China. Teachers eager to spread the multicult gospel go way beyond their remit and brainwash children to be “good European/Global citizens, non-judgmental and tolerant.” Be in no doubt, this is government indoctrination of children, removing from parents the human right of moulding their own children as they see best.

How can this be justified? By inculcating in children a deep-seated sense of guilt and self-hatred for the alleged crimes committed by their ancestors throughout Western history. By depicting their ancestors as violent, merciless colonialists who raped, pillaged and plundered the poor, oppressed peoples of the world. By making them believe that the West only became the strongest, most advanced civilization on the planet because it unjustly exploited other races. Such a terrible injustice must be corrected by current generations who are being manipulated into adopting a misguided sense of altruistic duty towards other races in order to atone for the sins of their forefathers.

Brainwashed to be non-judgmental, tolerant citizens they sign up for the utopian rainbow fantasy and believe those who don’t are the real danger. Disarmed of the power to think critically, these zombies haven’t been programmed to be “tolerant, non-judgmental European citizens” they’ve been raped of their natural identity and brainwashed to obey the will of the power hungry globalist elites so they accept without question the new world order.

Driven by an insatiable lust for power, the elite avaricious charlatans are nothing more than sadists who preach masochism as a virtue. They see the world as their possession. They don’t exist to serve and protect their people, the people exist to serve and pay them. They hold the people of the West in complete contempt and lie to them and steal from them at every turn. They are determined to establish global governance no matter what it takes. These, the high priests of multiculturalism, regard the people of the West as little more than lab rats and Western nations as laboratories where their social experiments can be conducted with impunity.

This relentless drive for global government has turned the entire West into a melting pot where the indigenous people are being forced to mix with peoples from the third and second worlds. If that wasn’t bad enough, they’re being forced to pay for this pernicious social experiment.

Just imagine that for a second.

A people are being forced via taxation and under threat of punitive “thought/hate crime laws” and guilt propaganda to tolerate and pay for an invasion of their territories, the dilution of their cultures and their own displacement and eventual replacement. Previously, territory would have to be gained through warfare, with a high price paid in both blood and money. Not anymore because multiculturalism negates the need for invaders to fight for territory. The financial burden of conquest is passed on to the conquered who are being forced by their own governments to surrender.

As Western governments refuse to defend their borders, a tsunami of immigrants continues to flood into the unguarded West. You and I are bearing witness to the deliberate ethnic cleansing of Western nations, cultures and identities and the victims are not only going along with it, they’re paying for it blissfully oblivious to the end result!

So bewitched are they by this future fantastical promise of a global utopia, the descendants of the titans who created the greatest civilization in human history are turning into lemmings. Guilt-ridden and addicted to feeling pity for every other race apart from their own, they believe the invasion of their territory is justified by “humanitarian” needs.

However, such needs are a one-way street because there’s no humanitarian considerations for the people whose communities are ruined by mass immigration. No humanitarian considerations for people who are losing their territory. No humanitarian considerations for people whose cultures are being diluted and whose identities are being gradually erased. Centuries of cohesive existence and outstanding evolution wiped out. All because globalist elites have judged the West to be guilty so it must now pay the price.

Is this not the easy way out? Instead of imposing humanitarian governments in the backwards third world based on those invaluable Western values of liberty and democracy, the third world is imported into the West along with its retarded cultures and customs. All this achieves is to propagate the inhumane values core to Islam and African tribal cultures.

What gives Western governments who are supposed to serve and protect the interests of their own people the right to put their own people in so much danger? What gives them the right to demonize their own people? What gives them the right to transform and abolish their nations and apply the iron fist of the law against those who dare to oppose it?

I’m a proud patriot and I steadfastly refuse to convert to the multicultural church. I believe Western civilization is the best in the world with the best culture. I also believe the West holds the best hope for all of mankind. Feeling such pride in your nation and culture is a right for all peoples as is the right of self-determination. But through the pernicious multicult social experiment, self- determination is a human right that is being violated by the traitor governments of all Western nations.

If the same experiment was conducted in African and Middle Eastern states there would be outrage and rightly so. Being patriotic means love of your country, culture and people and wanting to maintain them for future generations, again a fundamental human right for all peoples. I assert the enforced disavowing of identity and dilution of culture is as bad as the racial supremacy prosecuted by Adolf Hitler’s German National Socialists and therefore constitutes a diabolical crime against humanity.

Raping people of their identities and diluting their cultures are acts of war and they’re being waged by avaricious, devious traitors who don’t serve the people but globalist powers such as the United Nations, the European Union and internationalist corporate leviathans. Unfortunately, it seems the peoples of the West have forgotten what treason is. And unless they remember what it is and why it was previously regarded as a heinous crime that merited the death penalty, the multicult experiment to transform and ultimately abolish their nations will continue without mercy.

“The more we do to you the less you seem to believe we’re doing it.”
– Dr. Josef Mengele, SS Physician, Auschwitz-Birkenau

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