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If Donald Trump has brought out the worst in conservatives, he’s also brought it out in the left-wing of American politics.

When anti-Trump protesters (who claim to be supporters of 1st Amendment rights) show up at Trump rallies to disrupt, shutdown, and verbally and physically assault Trump and his supporters, they not only make themselves look bad; but they also make Trump look good. Some smart Democrats understand this:

Democrats and Hispanic activists said Friday that they are increasingly alarmed by a spate of violence at Donald Trump rallies instigated by anti-Trump protesters, fearing that the incidents — widely viewed on television and social media — will only help the GOP candidate and undermine their attempts to defeat him.

The latest flash point came Thursday in downtown San Jose, where a demonstration outside a Trump campaign rally quickly escalated out of control. Several protesters assaulted Trump supporters, ripped pro-Trump signs away from them and stomped on vehicles in the area. A flurry of video clips circulating Friday morning showed bystanders who sustained bloody injuries.


“My people aren’t violent. It’s these people who come in,” Trump said. “My people want to do one thing: Make America great again.” He repeatedly blamed Bernie Sanders’ campaign on the interruptions. “Bernie, get your people in line,” Trump said, vastly overstating the Sanders campaign’s organizational skills.

Trump is making Bernie brothers so crazed, they’re even mistakenly attacking each other at anti-Trump protests.


Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty A Trump protester stomps on a Make America Great Again hat

Trump’s even managed to bring out the worst in new age guru, Deepak Chopra:

The political rise of Donald Trump is so disturbing, even New Age guru Deepak Chopra has lost his good vibes.

In an interview Tuesday with Fox News Radio host Alan Colmes, the famed preacher of Transcendental Meditation and alternative medicine unleashed on the presumptive Republican nominee, using a pejorative to describe his mental capacities.

“I would never say this unless I believed it was 100% true, but he represents the racist, the bigot, the one who’s prejudiced, the one who is full of fear and hatred, the one who represents emotional retardation of a three-year old,” he said Tuesday. “And yet he’s so popular because he’s given permission to our collective psyche to express their darkest demons.”

“He’s full of fear. He is angry. He has a lot of hatred. He pouts, he’s belligerent, he’s emotionally retarded,” the mindfulness meditation advocate reiterated.

Mirror, anyone?

Actually, the alternative medicine master is enlightened enough to recognize the hatred in himself:

In a Huffington Post column earlier this week, Chopra wrote that Trump has brought out the “shadow” in American politics—the “dark impulses” inside everyone, including himself.

“What I said just now [about Trump’s ‘retardation’], I would never say these things about anybody,” the guru confessed. “It’s not like me. But he’s bringing out the worst in me, because I, too, am fearful of what would happen to the United States of America and the rest of the world if, God forbid, he became president.”

After several minutes of scorning himself for giving into such negative “demons,” effectively feeding Trump’s desire for controversy, Chopra took it a step further: “Maybe I was too kind when I said he was emotionally retarded, maybe he’s mentally retarded too.

“He who fights with Trump should be careful lest he thereby become a Trump. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

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