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In the age of Obama we have witnessed attacks from the left which have refashioned conventional words into insults. The terms are twisted into slurs usually intended to demean the target, when no intelligent or rational argument can be constructed to counter a position.  One such word, nationalism, has achieved prominence in use as an insult in only eight years.

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Under the Obama/Jarrett regime, anything resembling patriotism has required an imposition of slander and derogation. The Nation’s flag and the national anthem are sources of derision and too often trampled on. In the world of socialism and global redistribution, and ever since Obama’s original apology tour, nationalism has been contorted to symbolize colonialism, imperialism and that ultimate deprecation, hegemony — particularly American hegemony.

Once upon a time nationalism might have meant  liberty, equality, and fraternity.  The American revolution was a manifestation of nationalism in a population aspiring to achieve liberty, equality and self determination. Hatred of nationalism and the use of the term in disparaging fashion has exceeded the left’s loathing accusations of, “you capitalist”.  It doesn’t seem to grasp that we do not have capitalism, but have slid into crony capitalism. The left, along with the new crop of globalists, have launched international movements to convince us that Nationalism and Capitalism are apparently the bane of humanity.

Strangely, under the current Administration, crony capitalism has reached levels of too-big-to-fail unsurpassed in history.  Throughout its term, this self-serving Administration, has verbally abused big banks, big business, and capitalism, while its actions have in fact consistently and repeatedly betrayed its pretense at the teleprompter. As members of this Administration retired, they retreated to the multi-million dollar cash collection positions waiting to thank them for having sold-out their millions of uninformed supporters. Do any of them ask Eric Holder whose cash is behind those new pay checks of his?

Evidently, the more guilt you are propelled to feel about nationalism and its twin, capitalism, which the left pretends get used to propagate external dominance, the less patriotic you will be. The less patriotic you feel the more likely you will be to succumb to globalism. Once you buy the globalist mantra, you’re already on the forced wealth-redistribution train. That globalist train has absolutely nothing to do with broadening human knowledge through diversification of affiliations and exposure.

It is human nature to want to self-actualize, and it is human nature to be tribal and homophily. That has long been evidenced and has been at the root of human survival. Additionally, we are forever conflicted and pulled between our selfless and our selfish impulses.  However, patriotism need not include isolationism, or protectionism.  While nationalism may infer support of a powerful central government, it need not mean aggression.  Meanwhile a weak nation cannot protect itself, nor protect or support its people, nor anyone else.

So, while the anesthetized media does all it can to manufacture consent and adulation for the soon to be, world’s globalist-in-chief, the need has never been stronger to reject slights in the twisted meanings of “nationalism” and to fully grasp the notion of “patriotism”.   For either term, Mark Twain’s words should prevail, “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”

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