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Feminists are constantly bombarding us with their anti-men messages and especially how they don’t need men:
Men, Who Needs Them?

Meanwhile women live longer, are healthier and are far less likely to commit a violent offense. If men were cars, who would buy the model that doesn’t last as long, is given to lethal incidents and ends up impounded more often?

Recently, the geneticist J. Craig Venter showed that the entire genetic material of an organism can be synthesized by a machine and then put into what he called an “artificial cell.” This was actually a bit of press-release hyperbole: Mr. Venter started with a fully functional cell, then swapped out its DNA. In doing so, he unwittingly demonstrated that the female component of sexual reproduction, the egg cell, cannot be manufactured, but the male can.

When I explained this to a female colleague and asked her if she thought that there was yet anything irreplaceable about men, she answered, “They’re entertaining.”

Gentlemen, let’s hope that’s enough.

The 5 Reasons I Don’t Need A Man To Complete My Life

Sometimes I can’t help but think it’s all just a biological urge we have to ensure the survival of our species. Or maybe it’s a social construct created to keep society functioning more smoothly. I know that’s cynicism, but I’ve never denied being a cynical romantic.

As a girl, I’m expected to want to commit to a man and have a relationship. I’m supposed to have this ticking biological clock that screams “get a ring and make babies!.” But instead, I’m usually the one running the other way; to quote my favorite movie: “I’m not going to let anyone put me in a cage!” And here are the reasons I won’t let anyone put me in said cage:

Women Don’t Need Men Anymore

Yes, but I’m not a sentimental woman. (…) Women don’t need men anymore. I don’t expect anything from them. Besides, if you ask your companion for something, you’re depriving him of his freedom.

Why Feminists Hate Men: What They Won’t Tell You!

Video is at the link if you care to endure it.

There are even songs:

We don’t need the men,
We don’t need the men,
We don’t need to have them round
Except for now and then.
They can come to see us
When we need to move the piano,
Otherwise they can stay at home
And read about the White Sox.
We don’t care about them,
We can do without them,
They’ll look cute in a bathing suit
On a billboard in Manhattan.

Well, now men don’t need women.

A Chinese inventor has created the “perfect woman.”

When the researcher says “hello” to the robot, she replies: “Yes, my lord, what can I do for you.”


China has unveiled its first interactive robot – which can chat away to humans and even take orders from iCloud.

The incredibly life-like robot has taken three years to build and was proudly showed off recently.

As this astonishing video shows, she can hold conversations with humans and at one point even responds to a camera being pushed close to her face.

As a member of the media holds the camera, she says: “The photo taken from that angle with make my face look bigger”.

And if an anonymous girlfriend doesn’t do it for you, you can have the girl of your dreams.

A humanoid obsessive has built an incredibly realistic female robot from scratch – and it’s got more than a passing resemblance to Avengers star Scarlett Johansson.

Ricky Ma, a 42-year-old product and graphic designer, has spent more than $50,000 (£34,000) and a year and a half creating the female robot prototype, Mark 1.

The designer confirmed the scarily lifelike humanoid had been modelled on a Hollywood star, but wanted to keep her name under wraps.

It responds to a set of programmed verbal commands spoken into a microphone and has moving facial expressions, but Ricky says creating it wasn’t easy.

He said he was not aware of anyone else in Hong Kong building humanoid robots as a hobby and that few in the city understood his ambition.


There is a push worldwide to develop robots and AI but there is a downside to them:

The rise of robots is among disruptive labour market changes that the World Economic Forum warns will lead to a net loss of 5.1 million jobs over the next five years.

They could almost certainly be taught to act. Make that 5.1 million plus one.

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