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A Trump nomination will be disastrous for the Republican Party. That’s because he won’t win against Hillary Clinton, despite her email and Benghazi scandals.

The only way to stop Donald Trump is for the Republicans to unite behind Ted Cruz. John Kasich has no chance winning the nomination. A vote for him is effectively a vote for Trump. Even if the convention is deadlocked with nobody getting 1,237 delegates, it is ridiculous for Kasich to win the nomination.

He is fourth in the delegate count behind Trump, Cruz and Rubio. If he is somehow nominated, the Trump and Cruz supporters will be very angry and won’t show up at the voting booth, come November.

So why is Kasich staying on when he is trailing the delegate count behind Marco Rubio who has dropped out? One possibility is that he is delusional. Or perhaps, he is hoping either Trump or Cruz will offer him the Vice President slot. Kasich splits the anti-Trump votes. So a vote for Kasich is effectively a vote for Trump. A vote for Trump is effectively a vote for Clinton.

In the latest polls, Clinton beats Trump by 11%. But she beats Cruz by only 2%. 2% is within the margin of error. If Kasich cares for his party and for his country, he must stop dreaming that he can somehow prevail. He must drop out and he has to do it before the Wisconsin Primary. Wisconsin is quite close to Ohio, Kasich’s home state. Thus Kasich has a home advantage and will divert badly needed votes from Cruz. If Trump wins Wisconsin, it’s hard to see how Cruz can win the North Eastern states where Trump has a home ground advantage.

There is more at stake than just the Presidency. Trump’s brand is toxic. He will poison the Republican brand. With him as the Republican Presidential nominee, the Senate could flip to the Democrats. At stake is also control of the Supreme Court for the next President could be appointing the next three Supreme Court judges.

The world is aflame with ISIS attacking US allies and the US. The US is in debt to the tune of $19 trillion. A Clinton Presidency will only continue the pain of the last seven years. There is substantially no difference between her policies and that of President Barack Obama’s.

At this stage, only a Cruz nomination can have a realistic hope of stopping Clinton. Trump has benefitted from a friendly news media that gave him constant coverage. The left wing news media has not reported much of Trump’s negatives. My suspicion is that they are deliberately holding their fire to help Trump win the Nomination, so that Clinton will have an easy target in the General Election. If Trump gets nominated for President, you can expect non stop coverage on his unhappy students from Trump University, his businesses that went bankrupt and his philandering ways.

If I were Cruz, I would ask Kasich to drop out in exchange for the Vice President slot. Kasich has proven himself to be a popular Governor in Ohio. He will ensure Ohio, a very crucial state, will vote Republican in the General Election.

The speculation is that Trump may have already secretly offered the Vice Presidential position to Kasich in exchange for remaining in the race to divide the anti-Trump votes. But a Cruz-Kasich combo has a better chance of beating Clinton than a Trump-Kasich combo. I am sure that Kasich can see that. So Cruz should pick up that phone and call Kasich.

Otherwise, say hello to President Hillary Clinton.

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