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You might recall from 2013 the government shutdown where Ted Cruz was single handedly about to force the government to default on its debts and destroy our economy. As Bloomberg’s Joshua Green breathlessly exhaled:

Here’s a cheerful thought as Congress remains deadlocked over the debt ceiling and the hours tick away toward default: Senator Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who basically forced the shutdown and whose own private polls have convinced him that it has been a glorious success, at this point could probably force a default and global economic calamity on his own—if he were so inclined. The Treasury Department says U.S. borrowing authority will expire on Thursday.

Yes, naturally Ted Cruz, the Tea Party, etc. wanted the Federal government to go into default and destroy the entire US economy. Of course, using the debt ceiling as leverage was the exact same thing that then Senator Obama did back in 2006, but as any Radical Leftist will explain, “That was different.” Of course, the only thing that is actually different for a leftist seems to be the proximity of their cranium to the colon of the subject, along with a willingness to believe that said subject’s excrement tastes like frozen dessert.

More to the point, the fact that Cruz was responsible for the shutdown is a flat out lie, via National Review’s Veronique DeRugy:

Made public for the first time, records turned over to the Committee in response to the subpoena show the Federal Reserve Bank of New York previously made plans to prioritize Social Security, veterans’ benefits, and principal and interest payments on the debt over other government obligations.

The Administration, however, directed the New York Fed to withhold this information from the Committee because “Treasury wants to maximize pressure on Congress by limiting communications about contingency planning,” according to a previously undisclosed internal email of the New York Fed….

Efforts by the Obama Administration to keep its contingency planning a secret were met with objections from officials at the Federal Reserve and the New York Fed, who described the approach in an email as “crazy, counter-productive, and add[ing] risk to an already risky situation.”

This story broke about six weeks ago, and hasn’t made headlines. I’d say that I wonder why, but considering every major media outlet is busy assisting their favorite radical Leftist/ RINO/ Celebrity presidential candidate I can’t say I’m surprised. As you might have guessed from this and previous posts I’m a Cruz supporter. And I get why a lot of people don’t like my preferred candidate – but if you’re going to, please keep your hate based on facts and not the pablum that President Obama has fed to America. And if you’re an Obama supporter, you might want to ask yourself some hard questions. But we both know that you won’t.

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