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But worse. Much worse. Although Hillary Clinton is widely expected to prevail in the democrat primaries, there is concern for her. She’s not likable.

Allies of Hillary Clinton are confident she will win the Democratic presidential nomination, but they are worried about one big thing: her likability problem in the general election.

Clinton has rebounded from a rough spring and summer with a strong fall. And while her eyes remain on the primary, she is already testing general election themes against her possible GOP opponents as they do battle in what could be a drawn-out Republican primary.

Presidential elections are often decided on personality instead of specific policies. Along those lines, people in Clinton’s orbit are worried she doesn’t pass the would-you-like-to-have-a-beer-with-her test.
It’s a test she failed against then-Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in 2008. Throughout that cycle, Clinton stressed her “35 years of experience” while Obama pitched his “hope and change” message.

The likability test came up often on the campaign trail, most notably in the last New Hampshire debate that year when Clinton acknowledged Obama is “very likable.”

In a quip that may have cost him New Hampshire, Obama responded, “You’re likable enough, Hillary.”

All the rabid support that exists for Hillary really is curious, given that Clinton is everything the left said it despised about Mitt Romney- too rich, too white, too old.


Liberal group calls Romney too white for blacks to like

Michael Tomasky: Romney is too white for Hispanics:

It seems clear that the main issue Mitt Romney is going to use to try to reestablish himself as a moderate is immigration. He told a private audience on April 15 that “we have to get Hispanic voters to vote for our party” and warned that current polling “spells doom for us.” Then, on Monday, he made himself available to the media for the first time in a month—while standing beside Florida Senator Marco Rubio, a leading veepstakes name. Can Romney, who staked out an immigration position during the primaries that left him sounding like Pat Buchanan, really pull this off? My bet: He’ll be smooth, he’ll do almost everything right, he’ll say all the right things—and he’ll end up with something very much like the 31 percent of the Latino vote John McCain got, maybe two or three points more, tops. The reason is simple: Romney, like his party, is just too white.

Bill Maher: I really think this election comes down to one thing – is Mitt Romney too white to be president?

One cannot be more white than Hillary Clinton. And Mitt never faked a southern drawl.


Romney seen as “too rich for too long”? – CBS News

Is Romney just too rich? | MSNBC

But now it appears that all that business knowledge was great for Romney and made him a much richer man, but there is scant evidence that he helped average workers along the way – or at least not on purpose. Inadvertent job creation is not exactly a concrete foundation for electoral success.

Romney may be too rich to be president

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — It may be that even in the land of the American Dream, some people are just too rich to run for president.
American voters seem to have trouble connecting with zillionaires who own multiple homes or a fleet of cars or who just sound false when they try to talk about the preoccupations of normal people.

Romney Is Kerry. Or Maybe Gore.

He’s too handsome, too rich, and too pompous to win the hearts of ordinary Americans.

And of course, this from the NY Times:

Mitt’s Rich Predicament

But every discussion of Romney’s campaign, no matter the angle, winds up referring to riches. It’s uncanny. Wealth is the Go on the Monopoly board of Mitt: you’re either starting there, heading there or circling past it. If only you collected $200 each time.

Together, Bill and Hillary Clinton are worth about $125 million. They control a Foundation which has raised about $2 billion. Much of that has come from foreign governments, which will be looking for a Clinton Presidency payback.


GOP soul-searching: ‘Too old, too white, too male’?

Mitt Romney – Is He Too Old To Be US President?

Mitt Romney’s Dirty Little Secret: He’s Old

Many completely correct adjectives come to mind when you think of presidential frontrunner Willard “Mittens” Romney: Slick, gross, rich, cheesy, evil, hilarious, weird, and, especially, white. But no one ever talks about how old he is. Did you know he’s kind of old?

Hillary hasn’t driven a car since 1996. She has suffered brain damage, is unable to use a fax and she often gets confused. And she isn’t likable. And then there’s that God-awful cackle:


Hillary is the same age as Romney, but Hillary claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary despite her being born nearly six years prior to his summit of Everest.

Watch her carefully in debates and interviews. She’ll be largely monolithic, with two recurring pervasive themes, and you could make a drinking game of it. Take a swig each time she refers to having a vagina as an accomplishment and secondly, each time she says “In my book.”

Won’t take long to get hammered.

Hillary is everything the left said it hated in Mitt Romney but much, much worse. Mitt was honest. Mitt didn’t sell his country out for favors to a Foundation, didn’t blame a video and Mitt didn’t stupidly destroy Libya. If you decried Romney and support Clinton, there is no sufficiently hyperbolic version of the word “hypocrite” to cast upon you.


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