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President Barack Arrogant McStompyfoot held his ground the other day, proclaiming that the US was going to continue importing Syrian refugees, despite the fact that they cannot be properly screened. Deputy National Security Director Ben Rhodes was the guy who made sure the video was the focus in the aftermath of the Benghazi attacks as opposed to policy failure. He now assures us that the refugees will be thoroughly screened. He’s not worried.

Todd asked, “Does the president now have any more pause about bringing Syrian refugees into the United States?”

Rhodes said, “No, Chuck. We have very extensive screening procedures for all Syrian refugees who come to the United States. There is a very careful vetting process that including our terrorism community, our Department of Homeland Security. Let’s remember, Chuck, we’re also dealing with people who suffer the horrors of war. Women and children, orphans. We can’t just shut our doors to those people. We need to do our part to take refugees in need.”

The assurances of a liar are less than comforting. Taking in refugees already bit us in the ass.

The Tsarnaev brothers were refugees too:

With their baseball hats and sauntering gaits, they appeared to friends and neighbors like ordinary American boys. But the Boston bombing suspects were refugees from another world — the blood, rubble and dirty wars of the Russian Caucasus.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, was a southpaw heavyweight boxer who represented New England in the National Golden Gloves and talked about competing on behalf of the United States. His tangle-haired 19-year-old brother, Dzhokhar, was a skateboarder who listened to rap and seemed easygoing to other kids in his Cambridge, Mass., neighborhood.

Refugees is one thing. It’s scary, because the official processing of VISA’s is pathetic. The 9-11 hijackers were allowed into the country despite incomplete and nonsensical answers on their VISA applications.

All 19 of the hijacker applications were incomplete in some way, with data fields left blank and questions not fully answered. Every application should have been round-filed. Yet U.S. officials approved 22 of the 23 hijacker visa applications. Of the 15 Saudis, four got their visas after the creation of the Visa Express Program in June 2001. Eight other conspirators tried to get visas during the course of the plot. Three succeeded, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11. Mushabib al Hamlan, one of the other two, did not participate. Mohamed al Kahtani, the other, ran into an inspector with Army experience, who thought Kahtani acted like a “hit man” and refused him entry. This unnamed inspector is one of the rare heroes of this report, but readers will get the feeling that many others would have waved Kahtani through.

Think about that. Proper screening could have prevented 9-11.

The 1993 attack on the World Trade Center came courtesy of a someone failing to do his job:

An employee who “failed to do his job”–a simple check of a watch-list microfiche–enabled Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a jihadist involved in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, to avoid detection. The report also explains that “[f]ailure by the State Department to promptly watchlist Rahman played a role in his gaining entry to the United States.” Such actions have consequences, but the real shockers of this report are the visa applications of the 9/11 terrorists.

Here is part of a litany of missed opportunities that might have changed September 11, 2001:

July 5, 2001: 9/11 Hijacker Atta Pulled over for Speeding; Police Do Not Notice Warrant for His Arrest

July 4, 2001: 9/11 Hijacker Almihdhar Who Should Have Been on Watch List Re-enters US Without Difficulty on Invalid Passport, Lists WTC as Destination

June 20, 2001: 9/11 Hijacker Salem Alhazmi Obtains US Visa, despite NSA Surveillance, Incomplete Application, and Possible Lie on Application

And we’re supposed to believe that this incompetent administration is going to keep us safe while shoving hundreds of thousands of inadequately screened Syrians down our throats?

Who is to bear the cost of a vetting failure? What American should surrender his life for this invasion? 120 people have already been killed by illegals released by Obama. Who is to die for the sake of Obama’s legacy? Who do you ask to forfeit a life? It’s not as though there is no past record of refugee behavior. They’ve thrown Christians overboard to their deaths, women are routinely raped in camps and women are spit on and abused in host nations. Job One of the President is to protect Americans, not offer them up as collateral damage for personal social projects. Americans have already paid with their lives for taking in refugees. Why isn’t Obama as concerned for American citizens as he is for dubious refugees?

So who will answer for the first lost American life this time? You, Obama? Will it be just another “setback”?

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