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Democrats have for years accused conservatives of conducting a war on women.  Seeped in hypocrisy and oozing with deception, this assertion has been conducted with help from a witless media, and with assistance from the influential socialist enclave of Hollywood.  I use the term “Hollywood” inclusively here — herding into this corral, both the players and the products of the entertainment industry.

Hollywood Hypocrisy


Hollywood has forever been a liberal agenda propaganda machine which uses demonization, fear and alienation to keep its players in line.  Promoted on the front pages of all publications and all of our media, the entertainment industry’s self-adulation is a constant assault on our collective conscience.  It’s actions differ greatly from it’s claims.  Objectify women and young girls?  Who?  Us? 

Hollywood’s pretence of holding moral standards while persistently demonstrating depraved behaviour has long been a maxim that has become rather dulled within our perceptions.  We have become accustomed to the morally bankrupt debauchery to such a degree that it has moved from the simply insipid, to the acceptable.

Obama Hollywood Hypocrisy


Beguiled by a President who uses the Nation’s seat of power, the White House, to promote people like Jay Z, a fraud whose background and current chants degrade and dehumanize women, society enables depravity to creep into the realm of the acceptable.     

How can we possibly allow this to be acceptable? Have we become deaf to the realities of liberal rhetoric?  Have we become tolerant of indecency?  Are we really so impaired of hearing, vision, and insight, that we are no longer capable of discerning the hypocrisy strafing from sanctimonious liberal megaphones and projectors?

Apparently so.

Never mind that the statistics indicating the weekly barrage of misogyny served up on our television screens has become a constant.  Never mind that socialist leadership in the form of Obama and Clinton pays female employees much less than male employees for the same work.  Never mind that  adulated Hollywood influencers like Martin Scorsese, Jonathan Demme, Harvey Weinstein, David Lynch, Whoopi Goldberg and Darren Aronofsky signed a petition with 138 others, requesting freedom for pedophile Roman Polanski — it was not enough that Hollywood had praised Polanski with an Academy award for best director in 2003. Never mind that the media claims that Slick Willie Clinton is the most admired person in the Nation. Never mind that the esteemed Woody Allen, . . . well, never mind.

This week we were not disturbed that Hollywood, not ‘porn’ Hollywood mind you, but Hollywood, was shooting sequences for mainstream HBO’s ‘Westworld’ requiring a crowd of extras to consent to not only full nudity, but to “graphic sexual situations” and well, such general acting activities as genital-to-genital ‘contact'(go ahead and have sex, we don’t care), hand-to-genital touching, etc. — just general good natured fun in public, Hollywood style.

This is perhaps an attempt by HBO to outdo Penthouse’s Bob Guccione’s production of ‘Caligula’ in 1979. ‘Caligula’ had stars such as Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole, and John Gielgud.  ‘Westworld’ has stars as well, including Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Rachel Wood and James Marsden.  Is any one of these airheads standing up and shouting, “Hey, that ain’t right”?    We’ll just assume they have bills to pay and will pliantly do as they’re told, however, is there any doubt that whatever nauseating scenes are being filmed are primarily misogynistic?  None.

Prurient degradation and objectifying of women, particularly young women, is a ‘Hollywood’ pastime, which fills-up its coffers while pretending to offer ‘the people’ what they want.  It has gradually and progressively moved the general consciousness — not just waged a war on women, but systematically won it.  Democrats can be proud of their win.  They took the low road and it brought them to the pantheon of triumph — the normalization of abuse on women is complete.

A chorus of liberals from Washington to L.A. stands on pedestals of twisted and mutilated morals, shouting that conservatives are at war with women because they don’t support abortion.  . . . . . In perfect seemingly drug-stupored Hollywood led hypocrisy and illogic, liberal Democrat believers from both sexes stand in unison and render a venerating ovation. Any wonder that these fools have made it politically incorrect to voice disapproval of Sharia Law?

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