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TOPSHOTS Migrants walk through the countryside after crossing the Hungarian-Croatian border near the Hungarian village of Zakany to continue their trip to the north on September 21, 2015. Croatia and Hungary have traded barbs on a national level, each pointing the finger at the other over their responses to Europe's escalating migrant crisis.     AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEKATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images
Despite having taken in more than its fair share of immigrants since the 1960s, Europe is now being forced to take in swarms of illegal immigrants fleeing from third-world hell-holes in Africa and the Middle East.

The United Nations, that wretched anti-west viper’s nest, is demanding Europe does more to help the invaders. Amnesty International, an organization originally formed to help prisoners of conscience, also chimed in, proselytizing for the human rights of immigrants without giving a thought for the human rights of Europeans. Obviously, European people don’t have a right to their nations and should just meekly surrender territory and resources.

Politicians from mainstream political parties over Europe were eager to welcome this human tsunami of immigrants into their nations. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel insisted there was no limit to the number of refugees Germany could accommodate. British Prime Minister David Cameron even visited Syrian refugees in Libya, a country in chaos largely because of his failed policies, and duly appointed a Minister for Syrian refugees.

Finland’s Prime Minister Juha Sipilä went even further. He told his people in no uncertain terms that they MUST help “asylum seekers” and he was backed up by the Chairman of the parliamentary group Matti Vanahanen who asserted:

“We have to adopt a way of thinking that we must help people fleeing war in a new crisis such as this.” He added that a failure to do so is racism. Oh the poor Finns. They don’t elect a government to represent their interests, they elect one who represents the interests of invaders and demonizes its own people if they dare to object.

Pious politicians and celebrities engaged in a grotesque competition to out-do each other in the pity and piety stakes with many of them offering to share their homes with immigrants. The invaders don’t need to be given a free ride they need real, effective and long-term solutions to make their nations safe for all of their people. Instead, these bleeding heart wannabe saints are making Western nations far less safe.

The duplicitous mainstream media is conducting a relentless psychological assault on the people of Europe. Every day, images of suffering children and distraught parents are splashed across the pages in order to whip-up a frenzy of guilt-fuelled pity and sympathy for the poor “refugees” who are “fleeing the horrors of war.” And the people of Europe lap it all up as if it were the gospel truth, put all notions of self-interest to one side and willingly accept that they must welcome in thousands of invaders, meekly surrender their territory and cheerfully pay for it all.

These additional costs are in addition to the billions of Euros given away in foreign aid. Seems the peoples of Europe have to pay for failed nations and then pay for people fleeing those failed nations. And let’s not forget this comes at a time when the EU has imposed austerity measures on its people. But hey, don’t ever question if this is an abuse of taxpayers because that would be racist.

But is this narrative of suffering refugees fleeing war torn countries promoted by the UN, Amnesty, Western governments and the mainstream media actually true? Or are the people of Europe being taken for fools?

The first aspect of this human tsunami hitting Europe is the destination countries. Far from fleeing war torn countries, many of the invaders are leaving stable countries such as France, Greece, Italy, Austria and even Turkey, that favorite destination for European holidaymakers, to reach Sweden, Germany and Great Britain. These people aren’t seeking sanctuary; they want the generous welfare benefits offered by these three countries. They’re not refugees or asylum seekers, they’re economic migrants.

Secondly, the vast majority of these welfare parasites are male. What should send alarm bells ringing is these males are Muslims of fighting age. What on earth could possibly go wrong? Well, quite a bit. Just watch what these swarms of invaders are doing to Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, France, Serbia and Italy. Then watch this video to see what happens when Turkish immigrants cross paths with Kurdish immigrants in Frankfurt, Germany.

When you import people from the third-world where tribal and religious rivalries are fierce, you import their hatred and their violence with them. Far from fleeing war, these invaders bring it with them. If they can be so violent with each other, what will they be capable of doing to the peoples of Europe?

Thirdly, let’s recall how Islam has enriched Europe. Devout Muslims waging jihad for Allah have committed murderous terror attacks in London, Madrid, Paris, Grenoble, Brussels, Copenhagen and Vasteras, Sweden. Every year the security services thwart dozens of planned terror strikes. Muslim males are waging rape jihad across the continent. Thousands of young girls have been gang raped in Great Britain and Muslims are responsible for the rape epidemic in Scandinavia. Female genital mutilation, a vile atrocity, is being performed in Muslim communities. Islam is an ideology commanding believers to kill and subjugate unbelievers and Islamic State has threatened to flood Europe with thousands of jihadists posing as refugees.

Incredibly, the irresponsible governments of Europe wilfully turn a blind eye to all of it and are allowing tens of thousands of Muslims into their countries. As the British Conservative MP Enoch Powell famously warned:

“It’s like watching a nation build its own funeral pyre. Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

This failure to protect borders constitutes the worst betrayal of a people in European history. Governments are willingly surrendering territory without consulting their people, most of whom don’t want to accept any more immigrants. It constitutes a breach of the social contract because the first duty of a government is to keep its people safe. Importing a swarm of migrants is turning Europe into lebensraum for third-world overpopulation and relegating the people of the West to little more than life-support machines for invaders.

When governments refuse to protect their borders, the nation in effect has been abolished. By abrogating this responsibility, governments lose the right to collect tax because the social contract has been breached. A government certainly has no right to collect tax from its people and then use that tax for the benefit of aliens, ether at home or abroad. Yet this is exactly what the governments of Europe are doing to their people. Taking from the strong to give to the weak is wealth redistribution. Karl Marx would be delighted.

One thing is being made glaringly obvious: Only Western nations are being forced to accept such a huge number of immigrants. Islamic oil-rich gulf states such as Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi are under no such pressure from the International community. Nor is Saudi Arabia, a nation that is culpable for much of the conflict occurring in the Middle East. Then again, all of these states are in Dar al Islam unlike the nations of Europe.

Of course it hasn’t occurred to the bleeding heart pity addicts who want to welcome the invaders that the Saudis and their wealthy neighbors may know exactly what they’re doing. The entire Islamic world must be laughing at how suicidally insane the West now is and they must be amazed at how easy it’s going to be to conquer it into Islam.

Equally odd is the lack of “refugees fleeing war” seeking sanctuary in Morocco, Tunisia or Algeria. Surely Muslim refugees would be better in those countries as they can practice their faith too. And what about China and India? Why is it only Western nations are subjected to intense pressure to take in so many immigrants?

All this intense pressure is achieving is to pass the buck to Western nations. Instead, the International community should be forcing nations in the Middle East to uphold human rights for their peoples. Just as they did with South Africa and Rhodesia, two colonial nations who were made pariahs on the world stage but whose record on human rights was much better than the gross violations of human rights committed by Islamic states in the Middle East.

When Europeans established colonial rule in Africa, bringing with them their advanced ways and rule of law which helped to keep warring tribes apart, colonial rule was branded wrong. The European invaders had no right to be in Africa and Africans are not “the white man’s burden”. Yet in the 21st Century, Africans and other people from the third world now have every right to be in the West claiming as much welfare as they can, bringing very little, if anything, of worth. They’ve become the white man’s burden but as it’s in the white man’s lands, it’s perfectly fine. The hypocrisy is nauseating!

By admitting huge numbers of immigrants, Western governments are placing an even bigger burden on already over-burdened welfare states. Giving benefits, housing and healthcare to immigrants who haven’t paid anything in to the pot is unsustainable. But irresponsible, profligate politicians are putting duty to immigrants before duty to their own people who are already under severe austerity and who are now being forced to pay for their own demise.

By refusing to control their borders, the nations of the West are taking in all and sundry instead of being selective and only taking in migrants who have much needed skills. Paying welfare to people who haven’t contributed a penny and won’t do is an abuse of taxpayers and the welfare system.

Giving away taxpayers’ money to immigrants and failed nations isn’t the only penalty being imposed on the people. They’ll also face increased competition for resources, including school places for their children, housing and jobs with more cheap labour flooding the market. The arrogant, selfish attitude of the invaders is: “Our countries don’t give us anything and have failed so we have a right to invade yours and take from you.”

This lamentable crisis is happening because of the failures of the international community over decades. It has repeatedly cowered before Islamic states, focusing its ire on the easy target of Israel instead. Faced with the consequences of their cowardly incompetence, the United Nations and the European Union demand the West pays the price by admitting hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing from the chaos the International community has caused. The lack of responsibility and accountability is disgusting.

Not once do these organizations raise any concerns about the impact mass immigration from the third world is having on the people of the West who cough-up most of the money. Their identities and cultures are diluted, their territory is surrendered and if they ever dare to ask: How many immigrants will be enough? How much diversity is needed before we can say “shut the door, we’re fully enriched?” they will be demonized as racists or Nazis.

These Orwellian thought-control weapons used by liberals and leftists to silence opposition to immigration have now become so overused they’re lame. Those who use them give the game away. Because it’s certainly not about care for immigrants, leftists and liberals know most are bogus asylum seekers and they also know there is a huge security threat posed by Jihadists. It’s all about destroying the strong, capitalist West.

Furthermore, the bleeding heart pity addicts who are aiding and abetting immigrants to flood into Europe know one thing for certain: The gun isn’t pointed at their heads. It’s pointed at the heads of future generations who will pay the highest price for the rank cowardice of their ancestors.

I assert by failing to protect borders Western governments are waging war against their own people. War is fought for territory and resources. The West didn’t just magically appear as an advanced, successful civilization. It was created from the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors who built the greatest civilization over centuries of struggle. Surrendering territory to swarms of third world invaders is a diabolical betrayal of our forefathers who would surely be furious at what is being done to the civilization they created.

Immigration is biggest threat to the West and it’s changing Europe beyond recognition. The West isn’t being conquered by Muslims, it’s being surrendered into Dar al Islam by those who are supposed to serve and protect their people. Right now you and I are bearing witness to the greatest betrayal ever committed in human history.

But the bottom line is this: Any people who refuse to defend their territory will be replaced by those who will. It’s often said the people will get the government they deserve and indeed, they will. But they’ll also get the country they deserve and if they adopt cowardice and appeasement as virtues they’ll lose their country and their freedom.

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