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We have a large number of aborted babies and no one seems to know what to do with them, since selling dead babies is illegal. Old Skook has a solution; especially, since the public is bored with the illegal sales of baby parts to research facilities.

We can start dissecting the babies in high school biology classes, instead of using the ubiquitous frog specimen. If we sell or donate millions of dead babies to high schools, no one will worry over the illegal trade in dead babies. The public will come to accept dead babies and no one will be upset over the presence of a dead baby in the home or on the sidewalk. It will just be another dead baby and we will look at it as if it were a dead frog.

To achieve this more natural state, we should donate or contribute millions of dead babies to our high schools; in fact, we can use the EPA to make it mandatory that all dead babies must be utilized in the schools.

Dead frogs will become obsolete and no one will miss the school day, when they get the chance to cut a baby into many different parts. A dead baby will be given to a lab group of four or five students and they will dissect the dead baby and cut it up into many pieces. Every kid who graduates will have the ability to dissect a baby.


The cutting will necessarily be more complicated and precise than the frog and if it is done correctly, each student should end up with an organ and a limb. These can be preserved and taken home to remind the students of their biology lessons. We can advance the fields of science in high school biology classes and advanced students can begin to learn the neural, skeletal, reproductive, and muscular systems on real human baby specimens.

Our children will learn to become immune to the weak stomach reactions to blood and gore. They can all become facsimiles of Doctor Mengele, before they are old enough to drive and if they must ever make the decision to abort, there won’t be the wimpy reactions of compassionate human beings; Hell no, they will abort at the proper time to yield another perfect baby specimen for another high school biology student.

Preservation of samples to take home

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