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Our Ship of State

Last night, I was caught in heavy traffic and a horrible back-up for diverting traffic off the interstate to facilitate road construction, but the hours of creeping along the interstate went faster by listening to Savage interviewing Donald Trump. The Donald has become a more polished politician; he danced around Savage’s loaded questions with grace and finesse. However, Trump’s predictable repetition of the predicate, presumably to buy time and for emphasis, in every second or third sentence, was noticed, and hopefully, he will make an effort to correct this slight flaw in his diction pattern; since, continued use of even minor flaws become irritating over time, especially if a man becomes president and you hear him all the time. Otherwise, Trump’s speech is a refreshing change from the lilting, lisping, dramatic pauses of our CiC.

It was obvious, Savage admires Trump. His enthusiasm for the candidate was humorous; especially, after listening to the pessimistic rants of Savage intermittently the last few years. (My travels are not on a regular schedule; consequently, my radio listening covers a wide variety of venues, depending on location and time of day.) (Skip the ad in the middle)


The loaded questions and crafty answers were in direct contrast to Hilary’s pointless answers to carefully crafted and unloaded questions from the Left’s partisan news personalities, but they paled in comparison to Savage’s next segment on illegal immigration and our government’s bi-partisan corruption in this money-making scheme of epic proportions.

We, of the GOP’s Conservative base, have wondered why our representatives have sold us out base and why they have basically function as loyalists for Obama after gaining majorities in both the House and Senate. The lame excuse of only having control of the House and being powerless was only a diversion. Obama now has complete control, with GOP congressional majorities, but why? The GOP victories with Conservative support has only served to expose the duplicity of our Republican representatives.

We who voted for them and campaigned for them were left asking, why? It must be verified, but Savage offers the logic behind the corruption of “Fundamentally Transforming America” and its ties to the Kock brothers, it seems plausible. You can judge for yourself:

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