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running rings


Worse than you thought. A lot worse. Let’s highlight the lows.

1. No anywhere, anytime inspections? But you promised!

Ben Rhodes, way back in what- April 6?

Rhodes also claimed the new arrangements ensure “anytime, anywhere” inspections of any and every Iranian facility — contradicting complaints by Israel that no such provision is guaranteed.

Asked directly if the IAEA would have anytime, anywhere access, Rhodes said, “Yes, if we see something that we want to inspect.”

“In the first place we will have anytime, anywhere access the nuclear facilities,” he said, referring to “the whole supply chain.”

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz:

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz on Iran nuke inspections: “We expect to have anywhere, anytime access.” -April 20 ’15

Now? Erin Burnett, July 14:

“‘We never sought anytime/anywhere inspections,’ President Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes tells me.”


2. The anywhere anytime inspections will require 24 days notice and are only allowed on “declared sites.”

3. As we have noted here already, Obama and Kerry apparently allowed Iran to keep the American hostages as part of the deal. At least Obama got a traitor last time.

4. Those “snap back” provisions are a joke:

The much-touted “snapback” provision in the Iran nuclear deal that will restore sanctions in the event of Iranian noncompliance involves a convoluted process that will last around 65 days and, after jumping a series of hurdles, may result in sanctions being reimposed – “unless the U.N. Security Council decides otherwise.”

That phrase in the final agreement text – “unless the U.N. Security Council decides otherwise” – is not explained or qualified in any way, raising the possibility that, despite assertions to the contrary, Iran’s longstanding ally and trading partner Russia, or indeed China, could ultimately block the move.

Furthermore, another as-yet little discussed element of the final Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the fact that, even were sanctions reinstated, they would not retroactively affect business contracts that Iran has already signed by that point, unless those contracts are themselves in violation of the JCPOA or Security Council resolutions.

5. And to top it off? No Americans will be allowed on the inspection teams. The conversation between Wolf Blitzer and Susan Rice:

Blitzer: “No Americans- I want to be precise on this. Sorry for interrupting. No Americans will on the ground in Iran inspecting?”

Rice: “No Americans will be of the IAEA inspection teams.”

That’s perfect. Can’t wait for the fine print.

Then again, what could one expect from a President who traded five high value prisoners for one deserter? And Ben Rhodes is a flaming liar.

Let’s see- Iranians gave up essentially nothing. Now they will have the money to buy uranium from Russia which owns 20% of the US uranium stocks thanks to Hillary.

They wanted a deal really bad. That’s exactly what we got. Obama’s proud as a peacock about it.


Can it get any better?

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