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What day was it? What year?

I can’t help wondering, especially as the old hag from Northern California worth $100 million who employs non-union illegal aliens for her Napa winery has tried to “ambush” the GOP with a resolution pushing the removal of the Mississippi state flag from the Capitol.

So when did it happen? When the Confederate flag become racist? I posed that question to several liberals on numerous news websites and absolutely none of them could offer anything remotely intelligent.
Was racist when Fritz Hollings sent it up the pole as Governor of South Carolina in 1962?

In 1962, during his term as Governor, the Confederate battle flag was flown above the SC Statehouse underneath the U.S. and state flags where it would remain for thirty-eight years. In 2000, the state legislature voted to move the flag from above the Statehouse to a Confederate soldiers’ monument in front of the building.

Was it racist when Jimmy Carter posed with it?


carter and flag


How about when Bill Clinton kept elements of the Confederate flag in the Arkansas state flag?


What about this?



Was it racist when Clinton supporters used it?


hillary flag


Pelosi was Speaker of the House until 2012. Wasn’t it racist as recently as three years ago? So why, Pelosi , did you not act back then? Alzheimer’s?

Or it is simply another pathetic, pandering, painfully obvious liberal ploy to once again score cheap political points on another tragedy?

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