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No, it is long past April first and while this is a joke, it seems that the current administration has once again provided evidence that they are at best delusional. On May 27th it was announced that Marie Harf will, as of June 1st, be the senior adviser for strategic communications to (American gigolo) Secretary of State John Kerry. There, she will “continue her work leading on the Iran negotiations communications strategy.”

Maybe the idea is to so flummox the Iranians at the next round of negotiations that they will be rendered speechless. The sheer stupidity of this woman, the fact that she is a laughing stock throughout America, and that she is referred to as a Barbie doll or a bimbo should be enough to assign her to a low profile role. Well, her appointment might get the mullahs laughing at the un-seriousness of it, but my bet is that they are will be stunned speechless.

Seriously, Marie Harf. Although not technically a Valley Girl she sure fits the stereotype. This is a woman who actually said in February of this year regarding the State Department’s strategy toward the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (aka Islamic State, or IS), “We cannot kill our way out of this war. We need in the medium to longer term to go after the root causes that leads people to join these groups, whether it’s lack of opportunity for jobs—”. Seriously, she said that. So Marie, what is it about killing the enemy that prevents one from winning a war? Those fighting in the service of ISIS (or IS if you prefer), seem to think they have jobs – in fact they do. They are not interested in money or career opportunities. They only want opportunities to pillage, rape, murder, and so forth. That is their job from their perspective.

Well, we all knew that Marxism was all the fashion with this lot – now we not only have Karl Marxism we have the Marx Brothers kind of Marxism at the State Department. The latter form of Marxism is embodied by the clueless Marie Harf. ARRGH! (or Harf if you prefer).

I am reminded of Lilly Tomlin’s remark that “no matter how cynical you get around here, it is never enough.” We thought it was bad before, now the only question to occur to those with more than two brain cells between their ears is “who was she shagging?”

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