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One gallon of jet fuel burned creates about 19 pounds of C02. A 747 burns about 25,000 pounds of fuel per hour. A round trip from Washington DC to LA would take about 11- 11 1/2 hours. That comes to about 287,000 pounds of fuel. And that results in the production of about 801,911 pounds of CO2.

A 757 burns about 6,000 pounds of jet fuel per hour. A similar round trip to LA would burn about 69,000 pounds of fuel and create about 192,794 pounds of CO2.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama both traveled to Los Angeles on the same day on separate aircraft for something of grave importance- appearances on talk shows.

Barack Obama flew out to LA and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel.

Michelle Obama took a separate aircraft to LA and appeared on “Ellen.”

When asked about this

White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz told reporters Friday that the president and first lady’s “schedules were not in sync in order to travel together.”

“I’m not even sure they overlapped,” he said when asked if the president and first lady saw each other in southern California Thursday.

In order to pin the cost of his frivolity on the US taxpayer Obama made a cameo appearance at a VA hospital in Phoenix that has been the subject of much attention.

Together they spewed 994,705 pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere for completely unserious reasons.

Let’s consider the excuses offered for this excess pollution.

Their schedules were “not in sync.” Never mind the cost- what was so important that Michelle couldn’t change her schedule to avoid pouring a million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere? Are we to believe that “Ellen” wouldn’t accommodate the schedule of the First Lady? Who’s stupid enough to believe that?

It’s not the first time this has happened either. In 2011 Michelle took a separate aircraft back from Martha’s Vineyard so she could pack in a few more hours of vacation.

The Obama’s are profligate with taxpayer money when it comes to their own personal indulgences and have never shown an interest in having any “skin in the game” as Obama once put it.


No one is going to convince me that they really have a scintilla of interest in the environment either- at least insofar as said concern might inconvenience them in the slightest.

Barack Obama has said that the greatest threat to the future is “climate change.” John Kerry said that not addressing “climate change” would lead to “utter catastrophe.”

Don’t believe it for one second.

994,705 pounds of Obama CO2 pollution. For nothing but ego.


An incorrect conversion factor was used in the original post and it has now been corrected. In no way does this change the story- which regards the Obamas’ crass indifference to the environment where it might affect their personal indulgences.

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