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The stupid! It hurts!

Who has abortions? For most of human history, the answer was obvious: women have abortions. Girls have abortions. Not any more. People have abortions. Patients have abortions. Men have abortions. “We must acknowledge and come to terms with the implicit cissexism in assuming that only women have abortions,” wrote feminist activist Lauren Rankin in July 2013 in She went on to criticize as exclusionary slogans like “the War on Women” and “Stand with Texas Women.”

This from the ever ignorant The Nation.

Wait…it doesn’t stop there:

Benevolent sexism makes men more smiley when they interact with women, and that’s bad news. Men who put women on a pedestal may be the wolves in sheep clothing hindering gender equality.

A new study examining the nonverbal cues thrown out during interactions between men and women finds that men who have high ratings of “benevolent sexism” — attitudes towards women that are well-intentioned but perpetuate inequality — finds that smiling and other positive cues increase when this kind of sexism is prevalent.

The study, published Monday in the journal Sex Roles, is a small one: Researchers examined the interactions between 27 pairs of American college students. But while their findings are just preliminary, they hope that this will inspire more research on the insidious forms that sexism can take.

“Basically, the argument is that these two properties — hostile sexism and benevolent sexism — work together to maintain inequality,” said lead author Jin Goh, a graduate student at Northeastern University. Most people think of sexist men as being dominant aggressors who believe that women should be put down in society. But other men believe that women should be treated with kindness and love, but still don’t see them as being capable of achieving the same things as men.

“It’s a very paternalistic, protective view of women, and it seems kind of appealing as a sort of chivalry,” Goh said, “But it does contribute to inequality, because these men don’t expect women to achieve high goals.”

Yup, if you’re a man and you smile at a women than you’re only being a “treacherous” sexist. How dare you offer a jacket to a woman in the rain! All you’re doing is perpetuating the idea that a woman is more likely to be cold simply because she is a woman.

I can’t make this kind of stuff up.

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