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Remember this. Remember it well, you liberal dumbasses:

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion…”

Let’s repeat that:

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion…”

Your support of this megalomaniacal dictator is going to have long lasting consequences.

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion as far as we can legally under the existing statute, the existing law.”

Prosecutorial discretion:

Prosecutorial discretion refers to the fact that under American law, government prosecuting attorneys have nearly absolute powers. A prosecuting attorney has power on various matters including those relating to choosing whether or not to bring criminal charges, deciding the nature of charges, plea bargaining and sentence recommendation. This discretion of the prosecuting attorney is called prosecutorial discretion.

I benefited from this once. Decades ago I was pulled over for allegedly running a red light. To this day I deny it. It was yellow and I will not ever be disabused of that concrete belief. I went to the prosecutor and talked to him about it. He asked me what happened and I gave him my version of the story. He then read the report claiming that traffic had begun to move. That was absolutely false. In any case, I convinced him and since I had no record of any kind he decided to nollie the ticket.

That is prosecutorial discretion. What Obama is doing is not prosecutorial discretion. It’s failure to enforce existing law. I hope you’ll be as compliant when a Republican President “expands” his authorities as well.

Prosecutorial discretion is meant for individual cases. Using “prosecutorial discretion” for 5 million is the nullification of law. And it doesn’t stop there. In the bizarre world of Barack Obama, those sworn to uphold the law are threatened with “consequences” by the President of the United States should they dare enforce the laws of the United States.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Let’s see where this can go.

First, let’s see what more Obama can f*ck up. Obama can, and I expect he will, declare that should any illegal alien under his “policy” decide to vote in 2016, despite being ineligible to vote, he will order that the offenders not be prosecuted or there will be “consequences” to anyone who dares enforce the law.

So let’s take this to the next level. Using “prosecutorial discretion” President Scott Walker can:

– decide that anyone who is a registered Republican on election day 2016 will not be subject to IRS law while he is President. Or there will be “consequences.”

– decide that only democrats will pay Federal income taxes.

– decide that while Walker is President, should a Republican choose not to pay Federal income taxes there will be no consequences.

– decide that anyone who harms a democrat will not be prosecuted for anything.

– decide that any Republicans who vote multiple times will not be encumbered by voting laws.

– decide that union contracts need not be enforced.

– decide that no one who fails to gain coverage under Obamacare will be punished.

Go ahead- tell me why any of this could not happen- other than because a Republican is doing it. Once you accept “prosecutorial discretion” for millions, you open the door for everything and anything. Once nullification of the law by the President of the US becomes acceptable, anarchy is the final outcome. Once there is no longer respect for the law, there is no nation.

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