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There has been much harrumphing and hand wringing about Rudy Giuliani’s comments about Barack Obama not loving this country. The NY Slimes, as usual, went right after Giuliani instead of even considering the content of Giuliani’s words:

His remarks this week mostly drew derision and outrage, and seemed to further distance Mr. Giuliani from the heroic, above-the-fray image he carefully burnished after the Sept. 11 attacks, aligning him more squarely with the hard right of the Republican Party than at any other time in his career.

After his initial comments caused an uproar, Mr. Giuliani did little to tamp down the controversy in an interview with The New York Times on Thursday, and again on Friday night.

“I said exactly what I wanted to say,” he said. “I conveyed exactly the message I wanted to convey.”

But if the ideological positioning is new, Mr. Giuliani’s combative demeanor is not. Long prone to flamboyant confrontation and rhetorical excess, he is less inclined toward self-restraint than ever, political associates said, and Mr. Giuliani agreed.

And then they unsheath the knife:

It is unclear whether Mr. Giuliani will face any adverse consequences for his comments: There is apparently no prospect that he will face the voters again, and his income stems from a set of businesses that aggressively market his personal brand in the United States and overseas.

Mr. Giuliani is a frequent paid speaker (he is scheduled to address an investment conference in Puerto Rico next week) and has consulted for an eclectic array of clients, including the car service Uber, the identity-protection business LifeLock and the unsuccessful Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori, daughter of the country’s former strongman president.

Face adverse consequences? For WHAT? I remember a candidate named Barack Obama calling a sitting US President “unpatriotic.” Here it is. See for yourself.


And what “adverse consequences” did he face?

He got elected President.


Why did he get a pass? Following Giuliani’s remarks the accusations of racism flew. Giuliani is no racist, but let’s reframe the question.

Did Obama get a pass on calling the President unpatriotic because he is black?

Those of you who find Giuliani’s words deplorable but voted for Obama?

F*ck yourselves.

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