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One sure way to know that a reporter either doesn’t know what he or she is talking about or is in complete denial is how they portray Obama. To wit, following the last election in which democrats were hammered some stories describe Obama as “humbled.”

Daily Mail:

Obama humbled as U.S. voters rise up against THEIR arrogant elite: Crushing defeat for Democrats mirrors discontent in Britain

It is as amusing as it is wrong. “Humble” is not in the Obama lexicon. He is a sociopath- a narcissist on a galactic scale. Noting is ever his fault. Never is he wrong. That makes looking ahead at the next two years like looking into the toilet two days after the power goes out.

It ain’t pretty.

Thing is, it’s not just Republicans who are going to feel it. The Mail:

The man who once electrified the American nation with his soaring oratory – and titled his book on political philosophy The Audacity Of Hope – is now the lamest of ducks in the White House, mired in unpopularity and devoid of allies.

In this election, Democrat candidates saw him as a liability rather than an asset – with most of them running away from him like scalded cats.

And he’s going to make them pay. He’s going to make all of us pay. Normal Presidents are humbled following an election that went badly for them.

Not Emperor Barackus Gluteus Maximus.

George W. Bush worked with the new Democratic-controlled Congress after the 2006 election to craft economic stimulus legislation. Bill Clinton in 1994 overhauled his political team and would work to craft a bipartisan welfare overhaul. After Republicans lost Senate control in 1986, Ronald Reagan brought in Washington insider Howard Baker, who had been Senate majority leader, to run his staff.

The clouds are gathering:

Whether out of frustration or political necessity, some of President Obama’s closest lieutenants from his first term are distancing themselves from Mr. Obama as 2016 approaches. The latest is none other than Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who usually boasts about the lack of daylight between the president and himself. The vice president let it be known last week that he was “ticked off” about the way the president forced out Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a longtime Senate colleague of Mr. Biden’s. Mr. Hagel was pushed out in less than two years by a White House that is accused of micromanaging national security policy. Earlier this year, former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton criticized Mr. Obama’s stated principle of foreign policy: “Don’t do stupid stuff.”

“Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle,” Mrs. Clinton said in an interview.

Obama has burned through three Defense Secretaries and two – so far- of them have blasted him. Now Obama can’t find anyone to take the job and why not? He sucks as a boss.

“Doormat” has been the job description for pretty much every Obama employee. The president bragged in 2008 that he would assemble in his cabinet a “Team of Rivals.” What he failed to explain to any of the poor saps is that they’d be window dressing for a Team of Select Brilliant Political Types Who Already Had All the Answers: namely, himself and the Valerie Jarretts and David Axelrods of the White House.

These days, what able-minded Democrat would want to work for a boss who asks hires to check their brains at the door and then read from the talking points? Respected economist Christina Romer came in as Mr. Obama’s first head of his Council of Economic Advisers; she left after 18 months, tired of putting out imaginary numbers in support of the stimulus. Former Marine Commandant Jim Jones lasted about the same duration as national security adviser, until he wearied of saluting the political gurus.

Who wants to be Valerie Jarrett’s next bitch? Be sure to read the whole thing.

Now democrats are becoming vocal in their criticisms:

Several Democratic senators have been critical of Obama for taking executive action rather than letting Congress take the lead on the issue. If six or seven joined Republicans, they could block Obama’s action, forcing a veto.


In some ways, Schumer’s remarks were typical of the kind of “post-disaster syndrome” of finger-pointing common after election losses, Baker said.

“Typically, when a political party has suffered an electoral debacle, one of the first things they do is shoot the survivors,” he said.

According to Schumer, the party lost because the White House messed up on “a cascade of issues,” starting with the healthcare reform push in 2009, at a time when Americans were more preoccupied with the recession.

Also on Schumer’s list of White House errors: the rollout of insurance marketplaces, fixing wait lists for veterans’ hospitals, dealing with the first case of Ebola in the United States, and even security at the White House itself.

His remarks illustrated how some Democrats are trying to start to move apart and away from Obama.

And now Obama is turning on them. He has threatened to veto a tax extension bill because it doesn’t provide more tax credits for illegals.

The vast majority of the illegal immigrants are in the lower income bracket making them eligible for tax refunds of $3305 if they have one child and $5460 if the have two. And each additional child adds even more money. That’s on top of the $1000 child credit. That means a family of illegal aliens with two children would get $7460 even if they didn’t earn enough to pay one penny in taxes. That’s ludicrous and not even Reid or Schumer were promoting those breaks for illegal aliens.

To their credit, Bush and Clinton wanted to see things get done in the country after suffering electoral losses:

Bush reached out to congressional leaders on other fronts, and by 2008, they agreed on an economic stimulus package, international help for AIDS victims and the financial industry bailout. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called Bush “a lovely man.”

Clinton got his jolt in 1994 when Republicans won control of both houses of Congress for the first time in 40 years. Clinton shook up his political team, installing Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., and South Carolina party stalwart Don Fowler as head of the Democratic National Committee.

Fowler this week saw big differences between Clinton and Obama. “Bill Clinton is a person who enjoys people,” he said. “He was very comfortable dealing with new people.”

Obama? Not so much.

– Nov. 10. He declared strong support for net neutrality, the idea that Internet content be freely available and subject to government regulation to protect consumers. Opening the door to government regulation infuriated conservatives.

– Nov. 12. During Obama’s Asia trip, the United States and China unexpectedly agreed to new targets for greenhouse gas emissions designed help combat climate change. Republicans complained that Obama unilaterally decided the U.S. would cut greenhouse gas emissions 26 to 28 percent below 2005 levels in the next 11 years.

– Nov. 20. Obama announced he would unilaterally protect millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally from deportation.

– Nov. 24. Obama pushed out Hagel, a former Republican senator. It was widely reported that Hagel was dismissed after a series of disagreements. Previous Obama defense secretaries complained that national security discussions were often insular and guided from the White House predominantly by domestic politics.

– Nov. 26. The Obama administration said it will move to implement tougher air quality standards for ozone. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, branded the plan “massive new regulation” that would “cost our economy millions of jobs.”

And to make clear this is just the beginning, Obama took a jab at Republicans during the traditional turkey pardoning:

Obama last week announced a series of highly anticipated executive actions immigration that have left Republicans crying “fowl.”

Joking about his poultry action, Obama said: “I know some will call this amnesty. But don’t worry. There’s plenty of turkey to go around.”

Barack Obama never was a team player and now he is even less so. He is utterly convinced of his own rectitude, utterly contemptuous of others and surrounds himself only with those who feed his enormous ego. He has signaled that he is not going to go along or really even make an effort. An animal is most dangerous when cornered. A sociopath is most dangerous when he’s a lame duck and no longer has to pretend he cares about anyone else. The next two years are going to be bad.