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Michelle Obama wants to reform the school lunch menu to combat obesity. So far, the parents and children in public schools don’t like the menu. Calling the school lunch ‘rabbit food’, many kids are brown-bagging or buying food from outside the schools.

According to the Fox29, a school lunch looks something like this:


Schools are constrained by the guidelines that the Obama administration, at the urging of Michelle Obama, has imposed on them. Sodium and calorie intake have been slashed as a result, limiting what schools can offer the kids.

A school superintendent told Fox 29 that the challenge is to come up with an appealing menu that still meets the Obama guidelines.

Strangely, the smaller and healthier portions have raised the cost of providing school lunches by $1.22 billion, according to the School Nutrition Association. Keeping the guidelines ended up in raising costs for the schools. So schools served less food to cut costs.

As you can see from the above picture, there were no tomatoes and carrots to go with the lettuce. The kids end up with less nutrition. This was the unintended effect (like so many policies liberals come up with to improve things) of the guidelines that were supposed to improve their health.

All this hoo-hah had me wondering what do Obama’s kids eat at school? Both daughters attend an expensive private school called, ‘Sidwell Friends School.’

It turns out that the kids eat food prepared by trained chefs. The Daily Meal has ranked the food at Sidwell as the best school lunch in America. Here is the October 9th lunch menu:

Mushroom Barley Soup
Meriwether’s Three Bean Salad
Greek Orzo Salad
All Natural Teriyaki Chicken
Szechuan Tofu
Asian Vegetables
Asian Fried Rice
Sliced Oranges
Chicken teriyaki with rice (generic photo)


That looks better than the ‘rabbit food’ served in public schools thanks to Michelle’s efforts to improve nutrition.. This incident reminded me of a book I read:


Somehow or other, wealthy liberals always end up doing the opposite of what they prescribe for the rest of us. Do as I say, not as I do.

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