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Here’s another one of those post-election surprises coming from Obama.

Labor Secretary Tom Perez is said to be a candidate to replace the departing loathsome Eric Holder as Attorney General of the United States. Perez is possibly even more scary than Eric Holder:

In addition to the race-based controversy surrounding the Minnesota, St Paul, quid-pro-quo, we have previously outlined some other perhaps more alarming issues:

To call Perez a radical is to do an injustice to the term itself. Tom Perez is a racial radical, a specific and intentional race based politico of the highest order.

Much of the information you will read about Perez will outline his warm affection to Islam in general, and to Sharia Law specifically. That alone should be alarming to the casually interested. But his ideological perspectives and his previous institutional activity within the Dept Of Justice should raise alarm levels to infinity.

Tom Perez was head of the “Civil Rights Division” within the DOJ. In that position he is in charge of the Community Relations Service, the super-secret race-based sub agency affectionately, and ironically, called “The Peacekeepers”.

Both Eric Holder and Tom Perez use the Dept of Justice to deliver their perspectives of social justice to the larger population. It is the ideology of considering race first, and behavior second, which has led to numerous alarming proclamations from various elements within the larger Federal apparatus.

Perez would administer race-based discipline and disallow criminal background checks for hiring.

Christian Adams:

Perez has a record of duplicity and dishonesty, sometimes even under oath. As assistant attorney general for civil rights under Holder, Perez famously set up a parallel email system so he could conduct his most controversial business using email accounts unreachable by federal law, or even by a Justice Department inspector general. On these private email accounts, he conducted some of his dirtiest dealings, like shaking down St. Paul, Minnesota, to ensure that the Supreme Court wouldn’t get to hear an appeal that might invalidate some of the prized racial set-asides this administration cherishes.

But his dealings with St. Paul were small potatoes compared to everything else he has done.

Perez testified falsely under oath to the United States Commission on Civil Rights — and it isn’t just me who says so. I am frequently introduced in radio or television interviews as having “resigned over the Department of Justice’s handling of the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.” That isn’t accurate: I was at the Justice Department for over a full year after that case was dismissed.

Christopher Coates and Christian Adams– both worked at the DOJ:

Perez told the inspector general that he does not believe Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act should be enforced to protect white victims of race discrimination, even if they live in majority-minority jurisdictions. Perez’s racially selective view is in direct conflict with the statutory language of the Voting Rights Act that prohibits racial discrimination against “any citizen,” and is not limited to national racial minorities.

Perez’s views are not driven by a concern for what the law says, but by his leftist, race-preferential views on civil rights enforcement. The report also shamefully reveals Attorney General Eric Holder Jr., is of the same ilk as Tom Perez.

Because of our expressed desire to protect all victims of discrimination — not just traditional national racial minorities — a prolonged and retaliatory effort was made to remove the Op-Ed writer Coates from his position as chief of the Voting Section — an effort which even included Holder himself.

Horowitz’s report documents a platoon of Obama administration political appointees gathering with Holder in 2009 to complain about our willingness to protect white victims of discrimination. Holder acquiesced in targeting Coates for removal, simply because he was willing to enforce civil rights laws to protect whites.

Never mind that we both had a long successful record of protecting black voters, including Coates’ 40 years of representing minorities in civil rights cases, both in private practice and as a DOJ and ACLU staff attorney.

Imagine it — a group of Obama political appointees griping to the attorney general that we were willing to protect white voters. What’s even more outlandish is that Holder gave his assent to carry out their retaliatory and racialist demand to remove Coates from his position as chief of the voting section as they saw fit.

Perez is a liar:

As Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said, Perez is a far left radical with a corrupt record within the Department of Justice and has no business being nominated as Labor Secretary.

Perez, who gave the false testimony, is a leading leftist at Justice who has taken the lead in the attacks on Arizona’s immigration enforcement measures, attacks on election integrity measures such as voter ID, and the shakedown of financial institutions over dubious discriminatory lending allegations.

Barack Obama has ordered up 34 million green cards and a lot of people are wondering why.

A government print order for as many as 34 million blank work permits and green cards is raising concern that the Obama administration could be preparing an executive order for amnesty after the November election.

An online solicitation by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigrations Services seeks vendors that can produce a minimum 4 million cards per year for five years, and 9 million in the early stages.

If the numbers reported by on Monday are correct, they are vastly larger than official estimates of 12 million illegal residents in this country.

“There aren’t enough federal employees from here to Pluto to do adequate background checks on 34 million,” said Bob Dane, spokesman for the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Dane told that President Obama appears “to be getting his ducks in a row” before legalizing illegal residents by executive fiat.

Perez clues us in:

Labor Secretary Thomas Perez said President Barack Obama will take “aggressive executive action” on immigration, which Perez said will bring about more “shared prosperity.”

Addressing the National Press Club this week, Perez, who is reportedly on the short list to be Obama’s next attorney general, said the country needed to “fix our broken immigration system” with comprehensive amnesty legislation that is “big and bold” to ensure that there is “shared prosperity,” which he said is a goal of his Labor Department. Though the Congressional Budget Office determined that comprehensive amnesty legislation would lower the wages of American workers, Labor Secretary Perez championed it.

Shared prosperity.

“Shared prosperity” is a euphemism for Communism. Two years ago Obama blathered:

“Do we go forward towards a new vision of an America in which prosperity is shared?” Obama asked. “Or do we go backward to the same policies that got us in the mess in the first place?”

About what they mean by shared prosperity:

“Sharing” your prosperity includes, of course, “sharing” your wealth. It also entails “sharing” all the years that you spent working towards whatever wealth you have achieved, so that others can work less. Furthermore, it means “sharing” all the stressful nights and nervous days you spent trying to learn the skills that helped you to prosper, so that others won’t have to put themselves through the same rigors.

It means “sharing” the new home you worked to earn for your family, so that others can have a home without working so hard for it. It means “sharing” the nest egg you sacrificed to accumulate for your children, so that less responsible parents may continue to be irresponsible. It means “sharing” the retirement you were planning, so that those who choose not to do work they deem unworthy of their talents may have the benefit of a few more years of your income to support their sloth. It means “sharing” a portion of the wedding you were saving up to provide for your daughter, so that wayward young men may continue to impregnate random drug-addicted mothers without fear that their sundry offspring will ever require their support. It means “sharing” the home addition you wanted to build to accommodate your elderly parents, so that others may remain guiltlessly derelict in their duty to theirs.

To summarize, “sharing” your prosperity means “sharing” your life, your work, your mind, your goals, your aspirations, the pain you endured in overcoming your false steps and agonizing failures, and, of course, your practical success, with anyone and everyone the government deems worthy of a pound of your flesh.

Now, lest you doubt that Tom Perez is a liar:

Perez, who worked on immigration reform with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), said he has also “spent a lot of time with folks in the Silicon Valley” in response to a question about Silicon Valley business leaders demanding immigration reform “because there is not enough workers to fill the demand for high-tech workers.”

July, 2014: Microsoft lays off 18,000, including half of Nokia, in largest-ever job cuts

September, 2014: Microsoft lays off 2,100, axes Silicon Valley research

October 2014: Cisco layoffs to affect 900 in San Jose

So all those high tech infected illiterate itinerant illegals are going to jump into the high tech jobs from which Americans are being let go.

Tom Perez is a liar. His view is that whites are not entitled to the same Constitutional protections as other races. His goals are to import millions of latinos, share your prosperity with them and marginalize the white race in this country. This is all part of the Obama Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America.

Exit questions: When have you seen the Obama’s share their prosperity? When did the Obama’s spread their wealth around?

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