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The first case of the “mystery” virus affecting kids all over the country has been reported in Maine. The mainstream press has shown an astonishing lack of interest in the obvious.

Over 900 cases of this illness have appeared, scattered throughout the country and they have only one thing in common.

The introduction of illegal alien children.

How has the press handled this? By ignoring it.


Enterovirus spreads across the nation

There is another virus sweeping the country. The enterovirus mostly strikes children and causes a severe respiratory illness. In the past three weeks, it has spread from 12 states to 42 states plus D.C.

Nine-year-old Jayden Broadway started struggling for breath on a Friday afternoon. His mother Melissa Lewis says by the next day, she was rushing him to a Denver-area emergency room.

Lewis says it’s “petrifying” to your child unable to breath. She says, “It is absolutely the scariest thing ever to see your child not be able to take a breath.”

Doctors told Lewis her son had contracted the enterovirus D68. For most patients, the virus causes symptoms of the common cold. In children like Jayden with Asthma, symptoms can be more severe. Still, he was lucky. Doctors at the Children’s Hospital Colorado have treated 10 children who came down with polio-like symptoms.

So why is this happening? No one asks.

ABC News

Child With Enterovirus 68 Dies in Rhode Island

A child infected with enterovirus 68 has died, the Rhode Island Department of Health said Wednesday, marking the first publicly announced enterovirus 68 death since the outbreak began this summer.

After the Rhode Island announcement, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that four patients who died later tested positive for the virus that’s infecting children across the country. It is not clear what role the virus played in these deaths, but the CDC said state and local health officials are investigating.

Again, no one is even curious about why this is happening.

NBC News

NBC goes so far as to attempt to distract you entirely from D68. Don’t be afraid of D68. Forget that it has killed at least one child and caused paralysis in more.

Afraid of EV-D68? Another Deadly Virus Is Actually Killing Kids in U.S.

It’s all over the headlines: Enterovirus D-68 (EV-D68) is making kids sick in what appear to be unprecedented numbers. It might be causing paralysis — or maybe not. It may have infected some adults.

But EV-D68 is nothing compared to the viral killer that really concerns Dr. Paul Checchia of Texas Children’s Hospital, who treats sick kids all day long.

“Hysterical — that’s the way I describe it,” Checchia said about the reaction to EV-D68.

Every year, respiratory syncytial virus or RSV sends 75,000 to 125,000 children to the hospital and kills as many as 200 every year, numbers that are a little fuzzy because hospitals are not required to report deaths from RSV. Last year, influenza killed at least 105 kids. No deaths from EV-D68, which has been linked to several hundred illnesses nationwide, have been reported.

Hysterical. Funny, even. No deaths from EV-D68? Wrong. Maybe Checcia himself can tell the parents of the child who died not to be hysterical. Again, not even a hint of curiosity as to why this is happening.

Anthony Fauci:

Enterovirus D-68 is generating attention because the pattern of infections is unusual, says Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “It isn’t that often that you get this wide an outbreak of enterovirus D-68,” Fauci told NBC. “RSV is always there and people get used to it.”

No sh*t.

Also from the NBC article:

In 2009, a rhinovirus caused an unusual outbreak that sent at least 500 kids to the hospital in Philadelphia. In 2006, adenovirus 21 was found to be causing severe disease. In the case of adenovirus, it was a new test that allowed doctors to figure out what was going on.

In Philadelphia. A geographically isolated outbreak. And again, no reason for why. No one seems or wants to see the elephant in the room.

Obama’s Feds have placed illegal alien children in all fifty states. Hey, what about Texas? Watch this:
September 26: EV-D68 confirmed case count up to 11 in North Texas

September 30: No EV-D68 in Texas, But Parents Stay Alert says NBCDFW

I tell ya, NBC really doesn’t want you to know a damned thing.

September 30: Enterovirus D68 now in 40 states, District of Columbia

Forty states and the District of Columbia now have a total of 277 confirmed cases of Enterovirus D68, the severe respiratory illness that typically targets children, U.S. health officials are reporting.

Officials said the 40 states are Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

October 1: Multiple EV-D68 cases reported in Metroplex

Why is no one talking, or even speculating?

It has been reported that the medical personnel associated with treating illegals have been ordered to shut their mouths or face arrest for…something.

A government-contracted security force threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they divulged any information about the contagion threat at a refugee camp housing illegal alien children at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas, sources say.

In spite of the threat, several former camp workers broke their confidentiality agreements and shared exclusive details with me about the dangerous conditions at the camp. They said taxpayers deserve to know about the contagious diseases and the risks the children pose to Americans. I have agreed to not to disclose their identities because they fear retaliation and prosecution.

I’d love to know for sure.

When I first visited the ABC News site the top bar read:

Now • Texas Ebola • Liberia • Teresa Giudice • Enterovirus 68 •Sabrina Allen • George Clooney

That pretty much sums up the mainstream liberal media view of the important things in the world and why they don’t ask the right questions. Obama has brought this to our kids. The media is hell bent on protecting Obama no matter what the cost, and that cost now is the lives of American children.

We’ll get to Ebola next.

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