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Go ahead, Obama. Act on your own. I got your red line right here.

Prove that you believe yourself a king. Prove that the Constitution means nothing to you. Prove that you really think you’re a dictator. Prove you are a Marxist. Prove everything we’ve said about you is true.

Guarantee us a GOP Senate come November.

Obama has been threatening America with imperial unilateral action for some time on a number of issues.

A number of democrats are threatening America now as well. They want Obama to assume the mantle of emperor.

A growing chorus of House Democrats is calling on President Obama to take immediate steps to rein in deportations.

The president has delayed any executive action on the issue to allow House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) more time and political space to move immigration reform legislation this summer.

But with GOP leaders showing no appetite for bringing any such bills to the floor, more and more Democrats want Obama to expedite a unilateral response in the name of keeping immigrant families together.

First, it’s “illegal immigrants.” Second, it’s their own fault they’re not together, not ours. It has long been one of my axioms that democrats take someone else’s problems and make them ours. But keeping immigrant families together is a poorly constructed cover for the expansion of the dependent democrat base. Many democrats want amnesty. And they want it now, led by the little loudmouth Luis Gutierrez who always is screaming about something.

democrats are demanding immigration reform, as though there are no laws on the books now. Obama is refusing to enforce immigration laws as a means to bludgeon America into acceding to his demands. Make no mistake about what will happen if Congress passes an immigration bill.

Obama’s demand for an immigration bill is a Trojan Horse.

Obama will cherry pick from it what he wants and he will ignore whatever displeases him by issuing a signing statement. That is to say, if a bill has wording that stipulates a ten year waiting period to become a citizen, Obama will pare it down to a month and ignore whatever else he doesn’t like.

This is why Obama wants immigration reform and it’s why the GOP should give him nothing for the rest of Obama’s term.

Despite the noise some democrats, Americans do not favor amnesty. They want more illegals deported, not less.

The latest Rasmussen Reports asked that question and found that 52% of the people said that the US government is not being aggressive enough in deporting illegal aliens. The remaining 48% broke down as 22% agree with current level of deportation, 14% believe the government is too aggressive and 11% were undecided.

And they believe Obama is making things worse.

In the Rasmussen Reports survey taken last November, 54% of the people said that they believed the federal government actually encourages illegal immigration due to Obama’s policies and practices.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose amnesty.

People are angry and democrats either are underestimating it or they have given up all hope for November and seek to visit as much damage on the way out as possible. Things are so bad that even some democrat Senators are pushing back against Obama:

Senators told President Obama on Thursday that he must personally step up and make clear illegal immigrant children surging across the border will be quickly sent home, as the administration faces growing bipartisan pressure to get a better handle on the situation playing out in Texas.

Led by Sens. Jeff Flake, Arizona Republican, and Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, more than three-dozen senators signed a letter saying Mr. Obama needs to “personally make clear” that those jumping the border will not get special treatment.

The senators, who covered the ideological and geographic spectrum, also demanded Mr. Obama tell the leaders of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala they have a duty to dispel rumors that their citizens can gain legalization if they get to the U.S.

To no avail, it seems. Obamus Imperius lets us know he will continue to act without Congress.

Obama claims to be a Constitutional scholar, but I’m not sure to which Constitution Obama refers. He seems to believe that the President gets what he wants when he wants it just because he wants something. Uh uh. Obama must have studied the Venezuelan Constitution, because the United States Constitution doesn’t provide for that.

So go ahead, President Asshole. Take your best shot. Cross our red line. You don’t have America behind you this time.

Acting alone, what Obama would do is solidify the opposition, maybe even doing something no one could have imagined- cause sane democrats and the GOP to unite against a tyrant.


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