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A brief post about something that’s irritating me.

Joe Biden says we need a “constant, unrelenting stream” of immigrants.

Barack Obama says “our future rests” on illegal alien children “DREAMers.”

If that’s so, do you know why it’s so?

The liberal fund-raising machine of death.

Planned Parenthood is killing all of our kids as a means of raising funds for liberal causes. Planned Parenthood is a nothing more than a funnel for money to be taken from the pockets of taxpayers and placed into the pockets of democrats.

So here’s my idea.

Shut down Planned Parenthood. Stop it from killing all of our kids and we won’t need to import illegal disease infected children who will demand much of our resources. Then liberals can go to those countries from which the diseased children come and work to improve conditions there.

Let’s take care of our own. Everybody wins.

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