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If you had any doubts about the severity of Hillary Clinton’s brain damage, this should dispel them. A story this morning appeared in Politico:

Karl Rove: Hillary Clinton might have brain injury

Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested last week that Hillary Clinton suffers from brain damage, according to a new report.

The New York Post’s Page Six section reported Monday that Rove, appearing at a conference with former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs and CBS correspondent Dan Raviv last Thursday, recently waded into the former secretary of state’s health issues. In 2012, Clinton — a top possible 2016 Democratic contender — suffered from a blood clot that temporarily prevented her from testifying about the attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. According to the report, Rove said the Benghazi issue should continue to be pushed.

A Clinton spokesman had this to say:

“Karl Rove has deceived the country for years, but there are no words for this level of lying,” said Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill. As for her health, he said, “She is 100 percent. Period.”

So what did Rove lie about? Nothing. What did he get wrong?

The number of days Hillary spent in the hospital. What did he get right?

Everything else.

Rove never actually claimed Hillary has brain damage but she most certainly does. We visited this here at FA not long ago.

Yes, she does have brain damage. She suffered a concussion and consequent ongoing double vision.

The thick glasses Hillary Clinton has been wearing in public since returning from a concussion and blood clot last month are the result of lingering effects of her health problems, a Clinton aide confirms.

“She’ll be wearing these glasses instead of her contacts for a period of time because of lingering issues stemming from her concussion,” said spokesman Philippe Reines. “With them on she sees just fine.”

During more than five hours of testimony before Congress Clinton could be seen wearing glasses that appeared to have a thick left lens with lines across it.

Reines did not specify what type of lens the secretary was wearing, but medical experts say a fresnel prism is common in cases like these. Fresnel prisms usually come in the form of a piece of thin, transparent plastic that can be adhered to existing lenses. The special grooves in these prisms change the way light enters the eye, making them useful in treating double vision.

I am now convinced that it’s worse than even I believed. The left has convinced me of it with their irrational over-reactions. From today’s Politico again:

– Rangel calls for GOP psych testing
– Twitter diagnoses ‘Dr. Rove’ remarks
– John King: Rove remarks ‘reprehensible’
– Is Karl Rove the next Dick Morris?
– Graham: ‘No reason’ to worry about Clinton

Like it or not, a concussion is a brain injury. Double vision consequent to a head injury IS a sign of brain damage. And she did endure a blood clot on her brain.

But I agree with Ann Althouse. The reaction is hyperbolic. It’s absurd.

Remember when lefties were “vehemently” denying that Hillary was faking an injury to escape testifying about Benghazi? They wanted us to know just how serious her injury was. Now they want us not to believe it.

That convinces me there’s a lot more to this story than we’ve been told.

Pretty much like everything else about this wretched regime.

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The Obama administration told us that Hillary was all better in January 2013 but Bill tells us it took at least six months of rehab.

It is worse than they’re telling us.

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