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You just can’t do parody like MSNBC does. Check out this host saying the “real” victim in the IRS scandal is….the IRS.

You can’t make this stuff up:

“There is a controversy here,” Wagner conceded. She said, however, that the true controversy in the IRS scandal involves the influence of outside money.

After detailing some of the revelations released this week involving how the IRS tried to draft a letter denying Karl Rove‘s Crossroads GPS its tax-exempt status was agonized over, Wagner said it was striking how little oversight there was of the new post-Citizens United rules.

“In my mind, the IRS, who was trying to get this out, they were the ones that have been actually targeted in this whole investigation,” Wagner asserted.

Oh…so the IRS was going to get around to the liberal 501(c)(4) groups eventually they just decided to go after the conservative ones first eh?


Meanwhile a great video to watch is Trey Gowdy today asking how someone, such as Lerner, can claim a right to be silent when she has already 17 assertions of fact:

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