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obama papi


It was brilliant. It was well thought out. It was simple. Then again taking advantage of narcissists is easy.

I am a Yankee fan, but I am now also a fan of David Ortiz. And Samsung.

The selfie from the South Lawn that Red Sox slugger David Ortiz shot with President Obama may have gone viral — but the White House isn’t happy about it.

Ortiz shot the picture as the 2013 World Series Champions appeared at the White House with Obama on Tuesday — but it quickly emerged that it wasn’t just artistic expression — but a publicity stunt for the electronics giant, Samsung.

But here’s the best part:

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wouldn’t say if the administration had asked Samsung Corporation to stop tweeting the selfie.

But, he said, “as a rule, the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes, and we certainly object in this case.”

He wouldn‘t say if White House lawyers are involved, but did say “We have objected in the past. We object now, but I’m not going to get into the manner of objection.”

Barack Kardashian is famous for being famous more than anything else, as is his namesake Kim and both have reached about the same level of achievement. The image has gone viral. So while the White House “objects” Obama is not about to put a stop to anything that spreads his visage around like a virulent infection.

There are more selfies Obama would rather you didn’t see. Here’s one of them.

wish you didnt see

And here’s another

obama benghazi selfie

And another

There are more at the link.

As we have already seen, it’s not difficult to successfully appeal to Obama’s ego:

When everything on Earth is about you, it’s hard to be humble.

I guess.

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