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Come on man….this is getting “tough” with Russia?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared the Group of Eight leading nations defunct given the current crisis in Ukraine, in a clear message to Russia that the world’s seven other major industrialized countries consider its actions in Ukraine unacceptable. “As long as there is no political environment for such an important political format as the G-8, the G-8 doesn’t exist anymore, not the summit nor the format,” said Ms. Merkel, in Germany’s parliament, the Bundestag. “Russia is widely isolated in all international organizations,” the chancellor said.

You can just see Putin shrugging his shoulders saying “so what”

I mean “widely isolated”? Please. Germany still gets a ton of their fuel from Russia, all thanks to Merkel:

Chancellor Angela Merkel immediately closed the country’s eight oldest reactors. Although a phaseout of nuclear energy in Germany had been planned before Fukushima, Merkel decided to speed up the shuttering of the nine remaining reactors by about a decade, to 2022. The government is planning to get 80 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2050, up from about 23 percent now.

So what are they going to replace all that gas with? With windmills and solar panels? Ha!

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