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The liberal hack writer Ezra Klein is “mystified” at the response from the left over his hiring of a gay writer who , shocker of all shocks, doesn’t always agree with the gay community and their war against anyone who doesn’t agree with them:

The backlash to Abrosino’s hire, from liberal sites like Media Matters and America Blog, began almost immediately after he was hired. Those sites and others fault Ambrosino, a gay Christian, for believing that someone who is anti-same sex marriage is not automatically homophobic, that being gay is a choice, that people shouldn’t have immediately dismissed “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for his anti-gay remarks and for expressing warm feelings toward Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell, despite his vehement disapproval of gays.

Omg, the horror. Abrosino expected to be ostracized at Liberty University, a Christian college founded by Jerry Falwell, but found the opposite. Most didn’t care that he was gay. He actually had the gall to say that just because you don’t believe in same-sex marriage that doesn’t automatically make you a homophobe.


But then he truly crossed the line when he dared to venture the idea that not all on the left are perfect moral paragons with impeccable levels of psychological and emotional centeredness, but sometimes — get this — demonstrate their own form of ugly hostility to those perceived as The Other:

The world and the people in it are really wonderful with just a smidge of ugliness about them. I think the really vocal anti-gay Christians display this smidge, but I also think the really vocal anti-Christian gays display it as well.

But you know how intolerant the liberals are, and boy did that intolerance shine on this hiring. Ezra asked liberals to practice what they preach….yeeeeaaaah. That’s gonna happen.

Toe the line Klein, toe the line.

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