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We admire, even revere statistics and statistician explanations, and when they pertain to our economic well being and are supported by anointed economists, they become gold. These statistics and explanations can only be elevated into the rarified domain of sanctity if they have been stamped “approved” by celebrity news anchor talking heads.  Such approval  permeates our collective consciousness and launches politically armed ships to do battle on our perceptions, and we find ourselves acceptant of nonsense and lies.  We seem unable to discern the subtleties with which the ideologically driven celebrities cast twisted deceptions our way.


Let’s pluck a consequential item out of today’s media — unemployment levels of the “middle aged.”   This significant force is affecting every State and every community in America.  17% of men between the ages of 25 and 54 years are out of work.  Women? Almost twice that.  The real number for men is likely something much greater than 17%, since history dictates that such “statistics” are usually and purposefully inaccurate, but that is not the point.

The point is, . . . well let’s go to the CBS celebrity talking airhead Gayle King (Charlie Rose sidekick) for the really critical talking point, these men are unemployed because they, “didn’t adapt.”  Huh?

You’re not out of work because there are no jobs available for you, you dummy.  You’re not out of work because companies have outsourced your job.  You’re not out of work because of uncertainty and lack of confidence in the Nation’s leadership.  You’re not out of work because of the Administration’s antagonistic stance toward all business, or a result of this Administration’s policies.  You’re not out of work because for 5 years all levels of government have grown enormously and over-burdened all of society, particularly employers.  You’re not out of work because  governments have taken the oxygen out of the economy since this Administration has taken office, representing 40% of all hiring. You’re not out of work because corporations are holding back on investing in America. You’re not out of work because  governments have raised all taxes and fees.  You’re out of work because you did not adapt.


You became a computer programmer and now you can’t find a job to support yourself and  your family?  Well, you should have known better and you should have learned a trade, something like perhaps, hmm, well, doing house renos.  And you, you became a Red Lettered tradesman and were successful in your trade for years and now you can’t find work?  You should simply have adapted, and you should have become a computer programmer. You should have adapted. It’s your fault.

Have no fear, Obama has pandered to his favorite people, “the middle class,” whatever that is, and whoever they are and fed them the pablum of lifting the minimum wage.  That will take care of it.  Oh, and he also told corporate executives to go do some hiring.  Come on, how brilliant is that?  That will get all of you lazy, good for nothing  25 to 54 year olds a job.  That will stimulate the economy. That will energize entrepreneurs to run out and hire crowds.  That will make up for the fact that you couldn’t adapt. It’s not this Administration’s fault. It’s yours.

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