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The President and his toady MSM continue to claim ignorance, that Obama was unaware of the various scandals of his administration as the following article discusses:

Blindsided’ President: Obama’s Loose Grip on the Reins of State

In fact, it seems as if Obama has been practicing a technique of systematic denial of responsibility, claiming that as each new story of his administration’s incompetence breaks, he himself is only learning of it the same way we are – through the news.

This indites him, at the least, of poor leadership. At worst, it suggests criminal dishonesty.

His technique goes at least as far back as the 2012 scandal of “Project Fast and Furious,” when the government sold traceable weapons which were later used to kill Americans. The administration claimed that Obama learned of this botched, unethical program through the media.

The indication is much worse than the article infers; IF we are to believe what the President claims is true, that he has been kept in the dark and uninformed, the only logical conclusion is that the President is a figurehead and has abdicated the majority of the powers and responsibilities of his office to others. As with much with this administration, this is unconstitutional. it is also a criminal dereliction of duty. IF the President is unable to fulfill the duties, responsibilities and powers of his office, though incompetence or laziness, he must resign, and the Vice President advances to become the President. The Constitution gives no authority to the President to authorize a surrogate such as Valerie Jarrett to assume the powers, duties and responsibilities of the office. The only other option is for the President to fire each and every aid, Secretary or official who has not kept him informed. If Obama only wants to be a celebrity, he should resign his office to pursue that lifestyle, and leave the governing to those for whom the “buck will stop.”

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