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Let me give you a different and maybe shocking perspective on the Obamacare website that I have not seen mentioned. When the site rolled out and failed enormously in October, it was reported that we (the American people) had already paid >$300 million on it and we had contractual obligations over the next few years that would bring the total expenditure to >$600 million.

Then, with all the foolish fumblings, panicked disclaimers and hiring more “experts” to fix what should not be broken, it developed that no one, not even the new “experts” were confident that they could fix the mess. Another round of hiring more “experts” ensued. The Obamacare Chinese Fire Drill figuratively accelerated around the bend in a cloud of oily engine smoke and parts flying off into the dust.

The first round total contract set us back >$600 mill. In my opinion, this next round of fix-it with even more geeks working on it will drive that cost up, at my guess, in the neighborhood of the original outlay, another ~$300 mill. which total gives us a figure approaching $1 billion. Imagine that! $1,000,000,000 for a commercial website.

In comparison, the USS Zumwalt, the US Navy’s newest, largest and most high tech destroyer; THE MOST EXPENSIVE US WARSHIP EVER BUILT, has just been launched with a reported cost of $3,300,000,000.

These ships are controversial for more than just their Achilles hull: They are expensive – the most expensive Navy ships ever built, to be exact. …
… to keep the program going, Department of Defense officials dialed back the cost of the first Zumwalt destroyer to $3.3 billion, with subsequent ships costing about $2.5 billion.

This is merely 3.5x my (reasonable) estimation of the approximate total cost of the Obamacare website, if it is indeed fixed in the distracting brouhaha! These Zumwalt class ships, however, while being state of the art and effective, have also been cut from an original plan of 32 ships to merely 3 (see the article at the above link) because they are too expensive. I am not suggesting warships at any cost, of course, I would like to see this prudence be applied to other things we are faced with, most notably Obamacare and its supporting devices. Does anyone feel that the massive effort required to plan the minutiae of a new hull, weapons system and propulsion system should be in range of the effort/expense of a NON-state of the art commercial website? Even in Washington this beggars belief.

Incidentally, Oregon’s version of the Obamacare website is said to have cost $43mill and at the last report (early Dec), Oregon had enrolled ZERO people in the program.

The administration also seems to be keeping VERY quiet about other expenses more broadly associated with the website debacle but Fox News reports:

The Obama administration gave states roughly $4.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to set up their own ObamaCare websites, according to a new analysis, in the latest revelation about the faucet of federal spending switched on by the 2010 passage of the health care law.


This Obamacare obscenity reminds me of the late ’70s and my Harley Davidson Super Glide which needed a lot of tech savvy and TLC to get down the road and back on even short trips. Believe me, more than once, a slow stroll up and down the shoulder of the road provided the mechanism (usually a piece of wire) that got me back out in the wind with the beast thumping steady and pulling strong. I soon learned that a roll of military safety wire in my toolbag was as indispensible as the wrenches I carried– even more valuable than duct tape. I still own that big part of my youth after 35 years and many miles though I have declined more than the bike and it is now in a back corral getting some well earned rest with respect.

That famous American company had been beset by restrictive Worldwide trade treaty standards which heaped on largely gratuitous safety gear, relocated controls and favored Japanese convention (it was mid-boom of the Honda, Yamaha etc. phenomenon) because they produced more bikes. This treaty required re-engineering on all American/British bikes and stuffed almost all American motorcycle companies. It DID drive the British BSA and nearly Triumph too out of business. AMF bought the floundering HD for a song and proceeded to degrade the machines into objects that were only reliable enough (stock- without modification) to ride from beer to beer in a small circuit of bars, which attracted some pretty poor riding companions, in my estimation. Fortunately, some entrepreneurial investors bought HD out and with their attention, brought the brand back into something worth riding. IT WAS NOT THE GOVERNMENT WHO SOLVED THIS MESS, IT WAS COMPETENT, GIFTED CITIZENS WHO BEAT THE B**L S**T.

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