Posted by Curt on 30 November, 2013 at 3:37 pm. 137 comments already!


Welcome to Obama’s America:

“…To all you workers out there preaching morality about those of us who live on welfare… can you really blame us? I get to sit around all day, visit my friends, smoke weed.. and we are still gonna get paid, on time every month…”

The above is a quote from Lucy, a 32 year old female whose parents were on welfare and now she is on welfare and loves it. She intends to stay this way and pass it on to her kids.

It’s ironic isn’t it? She receives $1,250 a month from the “fools” who actually earn a living and is actually taking home more than the fast food working making a little under 9 bucks an hour minimum wage. She sits on her ass all day while the other works their ass off.


This is the welfare state and will lead us to our demise sooner or later.

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