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iran deal kerry

The deal is a bluff.

Egos trying to establish legacy; just like Clinton/Albright/Carter with their Sunshine Policy*** that lead to N.Korea going nuclear. Which was a glaring mistake of foreign policy (and a reason why I went political). Instead of the light water reactor that N.Korea got, tax payers bequeathed “Iran will also receive access to USD 4.2 billion in foreign exchange as part of the nuclear deal.”

These are our modern Chamberlains.

There is no excuse to think our sworn enemies are going to abide by any promise.

I cry for the world today. Our political apparat are so removed.

This is an interim freaking agreement. Do I need to define interim?

in or for the intervening period; provisional or temporary


…initial six-month agreement is MORE LIKELY to be followed by a series of partial agreements that CONSTRAIN Iran’s nuclear activities but do not definitively solve the nuclear issues.

6 month = interim. Then please define MORE LIKELY. And WTF does CONSTRAIN mean.

CNN: How about this headline (and boy do I love quoting progressive-utopian idiots), “Obama: Iran nuclear deal LIMITS ABILITY TO CREATE nuclear weapons.”


President Barack Obama said late Saturday, the deal will “cut off Iran’s most likely paths to a bomb.”

Raise your hand if you know what a qualifier is: A word or phrase that precedes an adjective or adverb, increasing or decreasing the quality signified by the word it modifies.

‘More likely to constrain’; ‘limits ability’; ‘cut off most likely path’ – those statements masquerade as promise but qualify as fable.


Araqchi [Iranian nuke negotiation] emphasized that Tehran could not accept any deal that did not recognize Iran’s enrichment right.

Clandestine reactors/centrifuge enrichment centers LIE outside the arrangement of this agreement.

Like all other Obama promises, it comes with an expatriation date. We can keep our heath care and Iran won’t go nuclear.

The last time we had this great a deal was back in 1994. President Clinton, with the help of former President Jimmy Carter was able to get the North Koreans to sign an agreement whereby they would be given 500,000 metric tons of fuel per year, plus $4 billion to build 2 nuclear reactors for electricity.

Carter won the Nobel Peace prize for this. [tar and feathers – high IQ but still a nitwit who lacks common sense]

Newspapers and liberals were over joyed. Diplomacy and negotiation had succeeded in preventing war.

Fast forward to 2002. It is hard to hide a nuclear explosion. Two months into office President Bush ends the agreement with North Korea, having caught them building nukes. The North Koreans admit they have been working on nukes since 1994 or before.

So the 500,000 tons of fuel per year is ended; but the $4 billion is gone to build 2 nuclear reactors, which are now producing plutonium. So what did we get in return? A piece of wet toilet paper with the Dear Leader’s signature on it.

Who could have guessed that the Commies would lie to us???

What have we gotten from Iran? Another piece of wet toilet paper.