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Why does Boehner insist that the GOP be a loser forever?

The longer Obamacare is around, the less popular it becomes. As many as 50 million Americans are going to lose their health care plans, like them or not. Barack Obama is a proven liar. democrats are jumping ship. The USS Obama is sinking. So what does John Boehner want to do?

Rescue them.

Republicans have shifted their strategy on ObamaCare.

Weeks ago, many Republicans said ObamaCare — including Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) — was too broken to fix. But now, the GOP is drafting legislation that aims to do just that.

The GOP wants to rebuild its political capital and public credibility by solving ObamaCare’s implementation problems. This pivot comes after Republicans took major hits in polls following the government shutdown.
The House this week will vote on a measure called, “Keep Your Health Plan Act.” It aims to do what the president promised years ago: If you like your health plan, you can stay on it. Senate Republicans, meanwhile, are pushing for a vote in their chamber. That measure has already attracted Democratic support.

Due to the insurance market and ObamaCare mandates, millions have recently lost their healthcare coverage. Many of these dropped people will obtain coverage through the new ObamaCare health exchanges, but some, if not most, will pay higher premiums.

After their costly political strategy to defund ObamaCare, GOP lawmakers are more willing to support measures that will repair the president’s signature healthcare law, political science professor Jack Pitney said.

“Republicans took a look at the polls. They finally realized that defunding ObamaCare was unpopular, but a measure like this [is] very popular. They realized that, despite all the brave talk, that the shutdown did not work to their advantage and now they are trying to get on the right side of public opinion,” he said.

This boggles the mind of the sane individual.

Obamacare was shoved down American’s throat via legislative shenanigans without any GOP support. Why on Earth should the GOP lift a finger to help?

Nancy Pelosi told us Congress had to pass it before we could find out what was in it. we are still learning about what’s in it and it’s not getting any better.

Why does Boehner want to lend a hand to help rehabilitate Obama’s reputation? Is he so stupid as to think that will endear him to the right’s base? It will not. For God’s sake, why would he save democrats from themselves? Obama has fallen below 40%. Why throw him a lifesaver? There is no need to pull democrats out of the sinkhole they dug alone. The GOP only needs to restate Obamas and Pelosi’s words over and over and over.

Republicans should simply sit back, pass the popcorn and enjoy the disaster movie unfolding before them as the calendar delivers us to November 2014.