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#Uncle Putin-wink

Well it’s official. Putin got everything he demanded, the US received nothing in return as far as insurance.

Daddy Putin just spanked Obama:

U.S., Russia reach agreement on seizure of Syrian chemical weapons arsenal

The United States and Russia agreed Saturday on an outline for the identification and seizure of Syrian chemical weapons and said Syria must turn over an accounting of its arsenal within a week.

The agreement will be backed by a U.N. Security Council resolution that could allow for sanctions or other consequences if Syria fails to comply, Secretary of State John F. Kerry said.

Kerry said that the first international inspection of Syrian chemical weapons will take place by November, with destruction to begin next year.

Kerry and Obama had demanded quick inspections…Assad said no way, and now they will take place in three months with “a list” to be submitted next week. If Assad doesn’t go along with the program there will be sanctions, which sure hurt Assad before. Kerry wanted some UN approval of a military option, Putin got that removed.

This whole debacle has been embarrassment for America. From Obama’s “red lines” to his ridiculous address to the nation to Putin putting the smack down on him.

Just embarrassing.

But that is what should of been expected from a community organizer who surrounds himself with clowns.

Former Defense Secretary Cohen sums it up:


And now what is Daddy Putin up to?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accepted Iran’s invitation to visit Tehran to work out a strategy for the Islamic regime’s nuclear program, Fars News Agency reported Saturday. The West believes the Iranian program is a front for developing nuclear weapons.

Putin, seen by Iran’s clerical establishment as a strong opponent to America and the West — especially after his successful political play on averting a U.S. missile strike on Syria — was approached by Iran to protect the Islamic regime in the face of continued pressure by the West over its illicit nuclear program. Russia and the U.S. reached agreement Saturday to take control of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal by mid-2014.

Obama, upstaged and outsmarted at every turn.

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