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Viewing this should be easier ‘n eating pancakes

A Hammerhead piloted by Lt. Colonel Raymond T. Butts makes an unauthorized landing on the Saratoga. Butts is on a top-secret mission to retrieve six downed planes from a planet near the Cerberus black hole.

He commandeers the 58th Squadron to fly the mission with him, over McQueen’s strenuous objections. McQueen fears that Butts will use any means to achieve his goal, at the risk of those who fly with him.

The team parachutes onto the planet and learns that Butts’ squad was massacred by the Chigs.

Butts is filled with guilt because he feels responsible for the death of those under his command. The 58th come to understand why Butts has acted the way he has as they help him bury the dead and successfully recover the planes. When they are pursued by a squadron of Chig fighters, including two special “red bandits”, Butts atones for his mistakes by chasing the aliens into the backwash of the black hole in order to save the members of the 58th.


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