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at dawn he slept

Leon Panetta told us they couldn’t mount a rescue within seven hours. Apparently they can’t mount a rescue in nineteen hours either.

No wonder Obama wants this buried. No wonder Obama struggles to paint this as a “phony scandal.”

It’s been more than 10 months since the Benghazi attack and the Obama regime has done absolutely everything it can to keep America from learning the truth about Benghazi.

There were 33 persons rescued from the Benghazi consulate. According to this report, many of them were CIA and will not be appearing before any cameras.


Among the four who were injured in the attacks, three were diplomatic security agents and one was a private contractor.

Rep. Frank Wolf has stated that he has reports that the survivors were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements.

Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., is calling on the Obama administration to explain why the survivors of last year’s deadly attack in Benghazi, Libya, were reportedly asked to sign non-disclosure agreements that prevent them from talking about the attack.

In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and CIA Director John Brennan, Wolf said his office has received reports that some survivors of the attack were asked to sign the confidentiality agreement as recently as this summer.

“If these reports are accurate, it would raise serious questions about additional restrictions the State Department has placed on those with knowledge of the Benghazi attacks,” Wolf said in the letter. “I also worry about the impact of any [non-disclosure agreements] on congressional efforts to understand fully what happened that night and why the agency responded as it did.”

In March Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said that he tried to speak to the survivors but was blocked by the Obama regime:

“We want [to] talk to the survivors — they won’t do that,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah Republican, said during a March 6 interview with Fox News, which was first to report that Mr. Kerry had visited with one of the survivors at Walter Reed.

Chaffetz took issue with Obama’s claims that access is being provided:

Mr. Chaffetz, who has been among the most vocal critics of the attack narrative created during the past six months by the Obama administration, complained to Fox News that President Obama had “the gall” to go on television after the attacks and “say ‘Oh, we’re providing all the access.’”

“Baloney. Bullcrap. That is not happening,” Mr. Chaffetz said.

In April, Obama hadn’t caught up with his newspaper reading and said he knew nothing about it.

President Barack Obama said during a rare public session answering reporters’ questions that he was unaware of any efforts to prevent survivors of the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terror attack from testifying before Congress about what they experienced.

‘I’m not familiar with this notion that anybody’s been blocked from testifying,’ the president said Tuesday in response to a question from Fox News Channel correspondent Ed Henry.

‘They’ve hired an attorney,’ Henry told Obama, ‘because they’re saying that they’ve been blocked from coming forward.’

‘What I’ll do,’ the president offered, ‘is I will find out what exactly you’re referring to.’

That was in April.

We recently learned that another survivor, David Ubben, fought alongside Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods on the roof of the consulate:

Sources tell Fox News that during the second wave of the attack, Ubben was on the roof of the CIA annex — along with former Navy SEALs Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty — defending the compound. It was a harrowing scene as dozens of militants attempted to swarm the barriers.

In another sign the attacks were pre-meditated, three mortar rounds rained down on the compound. The first fell short of the annex, about 50 yards away, but the subsequent mortar rounds were direct hits.

Both Woods and Doherty were killed, with the mortar shredding Ubben’s right leg.

Previously, Ubben had recovered the body of Sean Smith from the fire:

The Diplomatic Security agent, earlier in the night, helped recover the body of Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, going back into the smoke and flames at the Benghazi consulate multiple times until he found Smith, whom he believed to be already dead from smoke inhalation.

After being injured, Ubben lay on the roof and waited for rescue.

For 20 hours.


Nothing the Obama regime has said about Benghazi is true. Nothing.

America demands answers, but let’s add a few more questions:

1. Where was Obama during the attack? America has a right to know.

2. Why were 29 CIA employees working at a US diplomatic consulate?

3. How the hell did it take 20 hours to rescue Ubben?

The Obama recovery is phony. Benghazi is not.

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