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It seems we will never be rid of the Clinton cancer.

The name Terry McAuliffe ought to ring a bell. He was Chairman of the Democratic National Committee and is a major pal of the Clintons. For a time he was Chairman of Green-tech Automotive.

Wonderful things happen to the Clintons and to those around them. Hillary made $100,000 in cattle futures and Terry McAuliffe turned a $100,000 investment in Global Crossing into $18 million. And here’s how he did it:

To whit: McAuliffe was a young business hustler with a glad-handing, back-slapping, used car salesman style from the get-go. He got rich by investing $100,000 in Global Crossing, and cashing out millions. If the name Global Crossing doesn’t ring a bell, here’s the deal: it was a loathsome scam chartered in Bermuda that bought up a bunch of regional phone companies, forced employees to pack their retirement funds with company stock, squeezed every last nickel out of the companies, then froze employees’ pension funds while the executives cashed out all their stock days ahead of the collapse. Just exactly like Enron. The CEO walked away with hundreds of millions. The employees were raped, left penniless with their pensions destroyed. That’s how Terry got rich.

Terry McAuliffe is again running for Governor of Virginia. The self-described “hustler” seems again to be busy doing what he does best- separating people from money.

You many seen this headline:

Obama nominee faces investigation involving company run by brother of Hillary Clinton

President Barack Obama’s nominee to be the Homeland Security Department’s No. 2 official is under investigation over alleged intervention to obtain approval for a company run by a brother of Hillary Clinton to participate in a program that provides U.S. visas for foreign investors, according to an email the department’s inspector general sent to lawmakers Monday night and obtained by NBC News.

90 percent of an iceberg is underwater unseen, as is the rest of the story. has been all over this story.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Email exchanges with the head of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services reveal that Terry McAuliffe’s GreenTech Automotive and its funding arm enjoy unusual access to several top Obama administration officials.

In one instance, McAuliffe appealed directly to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano for special treatment to secure GreenTech’s funding.

Such high-level access is likely a function of connections between federal officials and GreenTech executives and board members, many of them Washington insiders:

McAuliffe, who chaired the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton era and was chairman of GTA until last December, was a chief fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton.
Rick C. Wade, a GTA vice president, was a top Commerce Department official and helped run President Obama’s 2012 campaign while serving as a Democratic Party executive.
Tony Rodham, Hillary Clinton’s younger brother, heads Gulf Coast Funds Management, GTA’s funding arm.
Serving on the GCFM board are Kathleen Blanco, former Democratic governor of Louisiana; and Margaret “Peggy” Richardson, Clinton’s former IRS commissioner.

Moe Lane did a great job putting this together

Via Instapundit comes this report from Reuters that “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Alejandro Mayorkas, who has been nominated to be the deputy secretary of Homeland Security – and who could soon run the department – is under investigation by the department’s inspector general.”

Why is Mayorkas being investigated? Because he allegedly broke ethics rule by arranging for an ‘investor visa’ for Gulf Coast Funds Management.

Gulf Coast Funds Management is run by Hillary Clinton’s brother Anthony Rodham.

This is where we have to leave Reuters, because Reuters – accidentally or deliberately – decided to stop telling the story.

An ‘investor visa’ means an EB-5 visa… and this is where we get deep into the weeds. EB-5 visas are pretty much designed to trade green cards for significant foreign investment, thus making them very very valuable things indeed. There have been allegations – vehemently denied (which is to say, lawsuits are involved) – that Gulf Coast operated the ‘green car’ Greentech Automotive company as essentially a pay-for-visa program.

This is important partially because Gulf Coast is run by Anthony Rodham, who is the brother of Hillary Clinton, who is the political patron of Terry McAuliffe, who ran Greentech up to the point where doing so became a political liability for his Virginia gubernatorial campaign.

And, for the absolute cherry on this particular case: McAuliffe actively pushed Homeland Security director Janet Napolitano for movement on EB-5 visas for Greentech. Did it work? Well, apparently there was some movement on this by January.

Hey! Didn’t Janet Napolitano suddenly announce that she was quitting, two weeks ago?

So how has Green Tech been doing under McAuliffe? Not so hot:

Nobles reported, “(Tunica) is a town looking for hope, hope they thought they found in this man,” Terry McAuliffe said in July of last year at a plant in Horn Lake, Mississippi, that he claimed would produce a car per hour. “The plan was to start production in Horn Lake,” Nobles reported, “and immediately begin construction of a massive, permanent plant in Tunica. That was nine months ago. McAuliffe came here to Mississippi last summer, with the promise of thousands of jobs and a huge manufacturing facility. But now here we are in 2013, and the only thing on this site is some overgrown grass and some gravel.”

The picture, as shown above, shows that vacant lot Ryan Nobles showed in his report. Nobles spoke with a community leader in Tunica, Barbara Tuchel, who asked where is the plant and where are the jobs.

McAuliffe’s campaign slogan? Putting jobs first.

mcauliffe ad

And the Green-Tech cars?

A ‘win-win’

The press release says, in the words of Jing An, JAC’s chairman and CEO, that “this partnership represents a win-win for both our companies.”

Never heard of GTA? We hadn’t either, really.

At the moment, the company sells the MyCar, a two-seat all-electric car with a choice of battery packs.

The base lead-acid configuration offers 51 miles of range, the company says, and lithium-ion packs of 7.6, 15, or 23 kWh provide 31, 61, or 95 miles respectively.

The lead-acid model uses a 5.2-kilowatt (6.8-horsepower) motor, while the three lithium-ion models are powered by an 8-kW (11-hp) motor.

Unfortunately, the MyCar is categorized as a low-speed or neighborhood electric vehicle, limited to a maximum speed of 25 mph.


25-mph sedan

You might expect the compact sedan GTA has announced, on the other hand, to be capable of carrying five passengers and their goods at highway speeds.

As such, it would be subject to literally thousands of Federal motor-vehicle safety and equipment standards that the MyCar doesn’t have to meet.

Initially, your expectations would be disappointed. As Fox News discovered, GTA plans to sell the sedan initially as a neighborhood electric vehicle only.

It plans to homologate the car for highway use eventually, but will initially target commercial fleet customers who will use the GTA sedans on closed campuses and local roads.

We wish GTA the best of luck. But we’ll believe that it’s capable of launching a new electric sedan when we drive one.

Whether it’s competitive, as Coda found out, is another question altogether.

And if it’s restricted to 25 mph … well, don’t call us. We’ll call you

The promises were big, but the jobs aren’t there and the cars aren’t there. That is not to say that nothing has happened. The EB-5 program apparently is working well.

A subsequent email from Gulf Coast general counsel Simone Williams to USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas suggested that USCIS got the approval process in gear.

Williams reported that 92 investor petitions had been approved by the agency as of Jan. 23, 2013.

At $500,000 per investor, that totals $46 million.

Some things never change. All you can do is shake your head in wonder.

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