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So this is success?

Secretary of State John Kerry’s Arab-Israeli peace plan appears to have “successfully” entered its pre-negotiations stage with the release of 82 Palestinian terrorists, all of whom have been serving life sentences since 1993.

Two of the terrorists being released as per request of “moderate” Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas are responsible for murdering three children, their mother, and the IDF soldier that tried to save them.

Our Secretary of State pushed Israel to release cold blooded killers of children and somehow they are calling this a success:

Even if you concede Kerry’s good intentions, this outrage is not something that should be done in the name of the people of the United States even if the supposed object is the achievement of peace. That the release of unrepentant murderers should be the result of U.S. policy is not merely painful for Israelis—especially the families of the victims—it is a disgrace. That this is being done to further a process that even officials of the PA agree is nothing more than a ruse rather than a genuine pursuit of peace is doubly disgraceful.

And for what?

…the PA has told its own people over and over again, their object in the talks isn’t peace. Indeed, as its religious endowments minister explained on PA TV in a Friday sermon last week, the whole point of negotiations is nothing more than a ruse intended to fool the Jews.

With PA leader Mahmoud Abbas sitting right there as he spoke live, Mahmoud Habbash:

compared the decision of the PA leadership to negotiate with Israel to the agreement of the Prophet Muhammad on a 10-year truce with his rivals in the Quraish tribe of Mecca, known as the Treaty of Hudaibiya, reached in the year 628 CE.

The significance of the treaty is that the prophet reneged on the promise and used the respite to help conquer the Jewish tribe.

And even the supposed decision to negotiate is being disputed:

A senior Palestinian official said the path to formal negotiations with Israel is still blocked, adding his voice to those of a number of other Palestinian leaders denying that agreement has been reached for US-brokered peace talks to resume.

Contradicting Secretary of State John Kerry, spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement late Sunday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to send a delegate to Washington merely to continue lower-level preliminary talks with an Israeli counterpart about the terms for negotiations.

A second Abbas spokesman, Yasser Abed Rabbo, had made similar comments earlier Sunday. Abu Rudeineh and Abed Rabbo are the only Palestinian officials authorized to speak on the matter.

So once again we are negotiating with those who act in bad faith, and giving up unconscionable concessions by releasing killers.

Yup, this will end well.

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