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How to thank soldiers, by George W. Bush

While Bush-haters perceive President Bush as evil incarnate who sent “kids” off to be maimed and killed in an imperialistic war for oil against a country that was never a threat, and to make his rich friends richer, I just have a hard time believing all of that nonsense. As far as I can tell, the former president is anything but sincere in his love, appreciation, and care for those who serve in our military and for their family members.

I’m cynical of a number of politicians; and suspicious of their motives and true feelings beneath the veneer; but with President Bush, how can people doubt his deep appreciation, respect, and admiration for those in uniform?

Disagree with his judgment and policy decisions; but not his heart. Not his character. I don’t believe he took the decision to send our military onto foreign soil, lightly.

He has been a steadfast class act in and out of office. I believe that the presidency has also transformed him into a better man than he otherwise would have been. That the executive office brought out the best in him, because that’s what it demands. Perhaps that is true for Bill Clinton as well. I know partisan Clinton-haters will take umbrage with that; but whatever his personal character failings, he involves himself in a good deal of charity work and causes during his presidential retirement.

George W. Bush and First Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell U.S. Army Retired.  Hat tip:  Gateway Pundit

George W. Bush and First Lieutenant Melissa Stockwell U.S. Army Retired. Hat tip: Gateway Pundit

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