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I’m pretty sure this is an old photo, as I think I saw it months ago on the WH Flickr page. But on Father’s Day, it was tweeted out:

The White House tweeted a Father’s Day photo of President Barack Obama holding a toy gun and playing with his daughter Sunday, but the image quickly became Twitter fodder as users voiced their outrage.

The toy gun picture angered many people who have complained that schools are too rigid in their disciplining of students nowadays. In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, a 6-year-old Maryland boy was suspended after making a gun hand gesture and saying “pow,” an Illinois teen was kicked out of class for wearing a Marines T-shirt that had a picture of a gun on the front, and a 7-year-old Maryland student was disciplined for chewing his Pop-Tart into the shape of a weapon.

Plenty more links of the ridiculous in the comments section of an earlier post. Also here.

It’s a perfectly fine, harmless photo- unless you’re president Obama, supposedly showing leadership since Sandy Hook for the anti-gun movement amongst his liberal supporters.

He’s leading by example, apparently….from behind?

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