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This is the kind of statement that empowered IRS agents and their leaders to target groups they don’t agree with. This is the kind of statement that begets tyranny:


It’s your fault. How dare you cause all this uproar if you would of just sat at the back of the damn bus and shut the f**k up.


It gets better.

baghdad jim

McDermott: You wouldn’t want “an organization promoting taxpayer-funding of abortions” to get this tax break, would you?

Uh…..they already do.

Later Representative Earl Blumenauer argued that the conservative groups before them were all political so they shouldn’t be considered social-welfare organizations.

Dr. John Eastman of the National Organization for Marriage took him to task:


Rep. Aaron Schock later asks if a group with the sole mission of supporting Obama’s agenda, Organizing for Action, is a political group. Because if they are not then the groups before them sure the hell aren’t.

Joel Pollack:

The basic–and deliberate–fault in McDermott’s attack is the idea that being denied tax-exempt status does not mean being denied freedom of speech and assembly. It certainly does in a context in which applications for tax-exempt status were followed by intrusive questions about speech (and prayer!), and also, in some cases, further investigation of donors and organizers by the IRS and other federal agencies, creating a chilling effect. And, of course, if the government is seen to favor some groups and not others, that effectively discourages certain kinds of speech and assembly. The issue at stake remains constitutional liberty, not tax exemption.

This is a sickening display of government tyranny. It really is. The IRS, a government entity, using the power of money to weaken one side over another.


But hey, it was all done by a few low level at one little office right?

Not so fast.

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