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Yeah, I bet you clicked on here because your curiosity got the better of you.


Looks like a slow news day for FA; and since no one has posted anything new up since yesterday, and since it’s the weekend, here’s a frivolous post that might amuse you. No politics.

I know what you’re thinking: “WtF is up with that post title”? Well, for anyone who is into MMA or (Brazilian) jiujitsu, this might amuse you; actually, it might amuse anyone; then again….

The Japanese have some pretty crazy game shows; and are absolutely weird! I’ve known this all my life, having traveled to Japan in my youth during summer vacations a number of times.

I remember one time (I think I was in the 8th grade), we were flying space-A from Osan, Korea to Yokota, AFB. While waiting for our flight in the terminal, they had a Japanese game show playing on the big television set. Everyone in the room was riveted to the tube. Midway through, they shut off the tv as it was time to board our flight. A huge groan of disappointment went up throughout the four corners of the room. Embarrassing to admit, but it was that entertaining, at the time. This was back in the 80s.

Recently, I watched one of these types of game shows on YouTube….then started clicking around on the sidebar vids…and somehow finally ended up on this video:


The program is called “Downtown“, starring the comedy team of Hitoshi Matsumoto and Masatoshi Hamada.

Beyond this, I don’t know anything about them or the programs they’ve hosted.

But you can find quite a bit of this (along with crazy game shows) on YouTube.