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Behold, the fruits of liberalism. What idiots Westerners are for letting the Muslims in by the millions. The culture and traditions of Islam has no place in it for Democratic institutions, liberty, and the traditional culture of others. True Islam only provides three alternatives for all those it comes into contact with; conversion, submission, or death. Western Civilization continues to slit its own throat and has no one to blame for it but itself. When will people learn?

Conservatives have been warning about the foolish policies both here and abroad that lead to such events, but the cries of the Paul Revere’s of the modern age are not heeded.It’s easy to laugh at and mock the silliness and lack of logic that our “Progressive” friend spout, but in practice the ideology they preach leaves a path of doom, death, and destruction and undermines the very foundational pillars of Western Civilization, logic, and common sense. Two tragedies have recently occurred that shine the spotlight of truth on such statements.

In London, a brave and committed soldier was massacred on a public street as passerbys gawked and even conversed with his blood-splattered killers while Sweden has now seen several nights of riots by Muslims. “Multiculturalism” and “diversity” are fun little words to banter around and are a part and parcel of the liberal agenda, but rarely do they bring forth the promised fruits of a utopian society. In fact, far too often it delivers nothing but blood, death, strife, discord, and societal fragmentation.

The reality is far darker than any like to admit. Of course, not every Muslim is a threat, and not every threat comes from a Muslim. But the religion itself was born in a flood of blood and conquest by the sword against all “infidels.” Such beliefs are as much at the heart of the religion as “love your neighbor as yourself” and the Ten Commandments are to Christianity. Islam has waged unceasing war against the West since its founding in the seventh century and it continues to this day.

This video shows the moment the two terrorists who butchered soldier Lee Rigby also tried to kill a woman cop who was first on the scene of the carnage.


From the video description:

“Shocking footage obtained by the Daily Mirror shows how the calculating pair lured officers to the scene by dragging the body into the middle of the road and brazenly waiting for armed police to arrive.When the first police car arrived the pair split up in a pre-planned manoeuvre with knife-wielding Michael Adebolajo charging them head-on, while his accomplice ran up alongside, aiming his revolver at them.The film of the 10 seconds of terror show how Adebolajo got within TWO FEET of the terrified female cop who was driving the armed response vehicle.She was armed with just a Taser as she sat in the driver’s seat of the BMW X5 and was only saved when a male colleague sitting in the back made a split-second decision to fire his machine-gun from point blank range through the window.As he is sent sprawling to the ground by the force of the two shots and the two cops jump out to cover him they appear to fail to spot the other suspect aiming his hand gun at them.Luckily a third SO19 marksman running round from the far side of the specialist Trojan unit spots him and he is brought to the ground as a further volley of six shots ring out in the suburban street in Woolwich, south east London.Former Det Ch Ins Peter Kirkham, an expert in firearms tactics said after watching the footage today: ” I have never seen anything like this before, or even heard of it happening before.

“For two suspects to carry out a brutal attack like this then stand around in plain sight waiting for the police is crazy.

“The instant the spot the police car come round the corner they are on it straight away. The first one is sprinting full speed towards the cops before they have even got out the car.

“The female officer only has her Taser out and must have been terrified. They had no option but to open fire to stop them.”

The dramatic climax to the horrific attack was filmed by a resident in a tower block over looking the scene in Artillery Road and captures the moment the terrorist charges the officers in a suspected death-by-cop suicide bid.

Such incidents as these, or the Boston bombing for that matter, are not mere isolated incidents but part of a vast pattern of attacks on the West and its institutions and a recurring theme that we see time and time again. To purposefully and willfully introduce these elements into Western countries and societies is a dramatic betrayal by some of their own people, culture, and nation. And we are not talking about the introduction of these potentially dangerous and radical elements into Western society in small numbers, but by the millions. It is amazingly irresponsible, dangerous, and increasingly catastrophic to entire peoples and continents. At what point will the West say “enough is enough” and stop such foolishness? Or is it too late already?

Only in small numbers have the followers of teachings of Mohammad shown themselves willing to assimilate into other cultures. Normally, the urge to subvert the dominate culture and substitute their own sharia laws and code of conduct is paramount, especially in large numbers. It causes endless friction and sometimes outright violence against the same people who, in their foolishness, offered up the hospitality of their society to them.

It is the stated goal and policy of liberalism to flood the West with such as these.

Thanks guys! It’s working out great.

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