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The Muslims of the Middle East continue to choose sides before jumping into the Syrian Civil War free for all and doing what they seem to enjoy the most, killing for the sake of bloodletting.

In this amateur video, a Hezbollah convoy, en route to the battle in Quasar to aid Assad’s merry killers, has just been cut to rag dolls by Syrian rebels in a rocket and mortar ambush.


The dead are Hezbollah terrorists or freedom fighters as Jimmy Carter and our media refer to them.

Our president is shadow boxing like a boxer who has never boxed, looking for an excuse to send in our troops and aid these rebels in their ignoble struggle against Assad’s coalition, along with our Secretary of State, who became noteworthy after protesting our participation in another foreign civil war and marrying into money is threatening to join the Syrian rebels in their civil war.


Soon enough, one side will prevail, without our interference, and be able to concentrate their terrorism internationally rather than locally.

As you look at the death and wanton destruction between these Muslim gangsters, we should ask ourselves if we are ready to see our young soldiers and Marines blown to hell in our president’s desire to assert his presence and personal vanity in this most recent Middle East conflict. We have already seen how he deserted our men in Benghazi, when a situation became grim and could shine a negative light on his image.

No, we need to keep our young men out of these disputes. Americans are tired of sacrificing our young people so that our narcissist in chief can preen and posture on the world’s stage.

Let these people make a holiday out of their blood lust, they like to kill, let them kill each other with wanton abandonment without our troops.

We wish you the best of luck, while our president pants over the possibilities of glory for him and the sacrifice of our fighting men; may you kill each other with gleeful joy for as long as possible, and while you are busy at each other’s throats, we will prepare for the terrorism of the eventual victor.


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