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Every time I hear Obama was off in la-la-land while all of these low level grunts were working individually instead of taking directions from the White House, I’m reminded of the scene in Godfather II where Willie Cicci is questioned at a Senate hearing….

The only things changed is the highlighted text…Amazing how real life looks so much like the movie…

QUESTADT: You harass conservatives at the — uh — at the behest of your superiors?

[CICCI’s lawyer tells him to say yes.]

CICCI: Yea — that’s right Counselor.

QUESTADT: And the head — of your family — is Barack Obama?

CICCI: Yea, Counselor — Barack Obama — right.

CHAIRMAN: Did you ever get such an order directly from Barack Obama?

[His lawyer shakes his head.]

CICCI: No — I never talked to him.

GEARY: Uh — Mr. CICCI could you, uh — amplify your answer a bit?

CICCI: Do what?

GEARY: Could you expand on your answer — I’m particularly interested in knowing — uh — was there always a buffer involved –.

[CICCI talks to his lawyer.]

— someone between you and your possible superiors, who gave the actual order?

CICCI: Right, yea a buffer — the family had a lot of buffers.

This administration works just like a crime family…The people on high have 17 layers of soldiers and capos whose job is to do the leaders’ bidding, and then keep their yaps shut about it after being caught for either fear of losing their jobs or other administration retribution, or simple blind loyalty to their masters and know they’re silence will be honored and received just like the crime family soldier who leaves jail and is celebrated for not being a stool pigeon and naming names…

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